Monday, January 25, 2010

Episode 46 - Jo Got A Lot Of Beer

This has been a long time coming and is a labor of love (sort of). We're joined by our resident mute Bond Girl & a new pervert, Jo. These notes are brought to you by me, Dame Dr. Foxy Brown. Standard Disclaimer: We don't own the songs used and aren't making any sort of profit from them. If you like any of the music you heard, check out iTunes and to support the artists. Do it because they're poor and pretty. We also don't speak/read Korean, so if we get any info mangled, tough shit.

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How did you discover Kpop and can you remember the first song/album you listened to or first video you saw? Sure I could type a lot of stuff here for this answer, but it all boils down to us all loving to ogle pretty Asians, and Kpop delivers that in SPADES. Variety Shows & Music Shows This section is gonna be mostly videos, cause "Show, don't Tell" X-Man Love Letter More Love Letter/w Bae Seul Gi who became a "Hot Issue" (one of Jo's many loves) Also contains Brian, in the flared Jeans, who was Jo Kwon before anyone knew Jo Kwon existed Brian's "Oh No You Di'in't" = Many lulz were had SBS Inkigayo/Music shows Pay Attention to the boy in the Pink Polkadot top & pink pants. This is the famous Jo Kwon. Same boy again, but this time in Yellow Pants Star Golden Bell/Abracadabra The Fuck do you know about Music, Noob? The first part of our wholly deserved anger at fandom for continuing to embrace shitty, catchy Pop music just because it's layered under pretty faces & ignore the much more deserving, talented artists that continue to make good music worth exporting to other countries. Recurring theme in this ep: Fangirls are dumb. The next three sections can be summed up in one sentence: Jesus motherfucking Christ on a Pogo Stick, Lee Hyori is some kind of sexy. Wait for it. Slave Trust us don't look for this video Hosted by Hyori at the Doctor's (7min in, hilarious I promise) Super Junior (Would've linked the kiss video, but I'll have pity on some of you) And easily the sexiest MV of the year (mmm...Lesbians) Funniest MV of the year (I am so sorry) Ranting on Fangirls As far as the Anti-fan & Jaebum issue that we minimally discuss, most of our opinions on those matters were summarized by me here. When it comes to having a fucking musician paid to entertain as a role model, I'd like to echo Sir Charles' opinion Scandals & Wrapup For the sextape, drop us an email if you really want the link, I'll have Jo get on that right away. Hyori's Get Ya vs. Britney Spears "Do Something" (Fail on My Part) Britney Hyori Amendments, updates & apologies Nam Gyuri apologized to Core Contents Media, and the whole incident is supposedly behind them, nothing's been resolved with Jaebum 4 months on, and Jo Kwon isn't nearly as gay as we all thought he was. Damn you We Got Married!!!!!!!!!! Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook Also on Steam


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