Sunday, October 22, 2017

Episode 129 - Lights Follow

After nine years, we are still around. On this episode of the podcast, we are covering some more stuff from Netflix. We start by over the best show about nothing, Terrace House. Afterwards, we spend some time talking about Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light.

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(0:00 - 13:31) Intro

For those who are going in wondering why we are referencing Taylor Swift, here is what the Japanese opening of Terrace House is like. You can compare that to the song that is used outside of Japan. Kind of prefer the latter but both work way more than what they used in the pre-Netflix Terrace House.

(13:32 - 1:23:21) Review (Terrace House)

If you are looking for the pre-Netflix episodes of Terrace House, there is a group actually working on them. Good stuff.

(1:23:22 - 1:24:42) Earcatch

The AniManga Podcast I'm expected to be on a future episode. Look out for it once it's out.

(1:24:43 - 2:06:48) Review (Dad of Light)

I unfortunately have too many games to play so I may not fall back into the pit of playing Final Fantasy XIV for some time. If you are curious and want to know what inspired this series, you can find a translation of some of the blog along with the original here.

(2:06:49 - 2:09:07) Closing

Yeah, we didn't make another episode in time for the anniversary. I guess we have to try again next year.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Episode 128 - Chance The Rapper

Another episode is here. Foxy has returned to the show after some time as well as a couple of guests. The SoundCloud duo of the AniManga Podcast, Jammer and Dominic, have returned to the show this time to talk about a movie we all saw recently. Actually, it is not really about that. On this episode, we are going over the stigma of Hollywood live-action adaptations through the lens of the Netflix Original movie, Death Note.

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(0:00 - 21:46) Intro

So this entire intro took way too long before we got to the topic proper.

(21:47 - 2:08:51) Discussion (Why live action adaptations?)

During the discussion, Jammer references their recent episode going into detail about the Death Note movie. We don't necessarily go beat-for-beat talking about the whole movie in this discussion so if you are looking for a review along those lines, you can go check out their episode on it.

(2:08:51 - 2:35:34) Mailbag

Due to technical issues, we ended up having to re-record the ending of this episode. Luckily, I got some help to read off some of the emails and comments we got off of our Discord channel. Thanks to all of those that sent some feedback.

(2:35:34 - 2:38:21) Closing

Let's see if we can record something before the podcast's 9th anniversary. If not, consider this the anniversary episode.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Episode 127 - Tia

Kind of amazing that we were able to put out a new episode within a reasonable amount of time since the last one. A new player has entered the anime game and has sparked a lot of debate online. On this episode, we are joined by, friend and colleague, Colton and, relative newcomer, Buggy as we talk about the new anime streaming service, from the good people of Amazon, Anime Strike.

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(0:00 - 7:39) Intro

I do want to thank Buggy for coming aboard the show. Be sure to check out his site Giga Drill Breakdown as well as his blog, The Bugblog, for more on him and all of his projects.

(7:40 - 2:08:49) Discussion (Anime Strike and the anime streaming market)

Though we mainly focus on Anime Strike, we also get a chance to talk about several other services, including HIDIVE and Netflix, and what they mean to this ever growing market. I am sure there is still a lot to be said about the matter and I do hope you forgive us if there is anything we didn't address or clarify as well as we should have. Hopefully, this will be a subject we will come back to in the future and I hope that if you have anything that you want to say about this, be sure to send us an email or leave a comment on this episode and we may be able to continue this discussion on a later date. Maybe. Probably. Maybe.

(2:08:50 - 2:11:01) Closing

We care. Oh if anyone can buy this for Colton, he would greatly appreciate it.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Episode 126 - Super Beaver

Finally. Finally a brand new episode of the podcast. This is not taken from any other show. This is a real episode. After what feels like several months of not being able to record a proper episode, the show is back to give you an actual review of a current movie. I am joined by (Insert Nickname Here), Natalie, to talk about the recent Makoto Shinkai movie, your name.

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(0:00 - 15:52) Intro

Giving you guys a bit of a small catch up as to the reason for the long gap between episodes. Plus, a brief discussion on One Piece: Film Gold.

(15:53 - 2:01:26) Review (your name.)

As with most of our podcast episodes, we will be getting into spoilers for the whole movie. So if you missed out on watching it, you have been warned. I did noticed that I yadda yadda'ed through some parts so you can still enjoy the stuff we missed.

(2:01:27 - 2:03:49) Closing

"I know Makoto Shinkai movies better than [Makoto Shinkai]." - Natalie, 2017.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Episode 125 - Brian The Sun

It has been a long long time. Sorry for what feels like our longest hiatus in a long while. For those of you who have stuck around or listen to any of our other projects we have been doing since our last episode, thanks for sticking around. For those of you who are new, I am going to assume you came from Manga Mavericks. They recently had me, Doctor, as a guest to talk about My Hero Academia. I go into more detail in the actual recording as to how this episode came about but what matters is I spent around three days reading the majority of the manga and I never want to do that again. So, enjoy!

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(0:00 - 3:13) Intro

If you want to listen to the full episode you can go to their site here. You can also subscribe to the Manga Mavericks' YouTube account. I plan to be on again in the near future. I'll make sure to post it on here once it is out, as a bonus episode. I don't want to steal everything...

(3:14 - 2:16:30) Discussion (My Hero Academia)

Be sure to support Viz for putting out the manga. You can buy all the current volumes on their site which allows you to either buy the physical or digital copies.

(2:16:30 - 2:18:44) Closing

We hope to have another episode that is not just taken from another podcast soon enough.

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