Thursday, February 4, 2016

Episode 119 - Remember The Time

We already missed January. We got to make this year work a lot better than the last. We finally bring you our first episode of 2016 with us talking about how we didn't watch any anime in 2015. Then, we go over how we are going to make 2016 better by actually watching something. Suggestions and segments we are only going to use once. The Ass Backwards Anime Podcast returns.

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(0:00 - 15:46) Intro

The band is back together.

(15:47 - 20:54) Discussion (The Series That Shall Not Be Named)

Peterson takes a stand.

(20:55 - 1:36:14) Discussion (Anime Resolutions)

You will hear a common theme with a majority of your resolutions. At a certain point we get sidetracked by looking at pictures of Adam Wylie. That and figuring out what show had Samuel L. Jackson and a dog in it.

Peterson also suggested a bunch of stuff from 2015 that people should check out if they haven't, including some manga. Here is one and two of the images from the manga Darwin's Game that was mentioned in the episode.

(1:36:15 - 2:49:52) Discussion (Anime First Impressions Score Card)

(2:49:53 - 2:53:20) Closing

We always seem to miss January.

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Episode 118 - How Time Flies

We got one more for you this year. On this episode of the podcast, we are joined by our guest from The Jump On Point, Fredrex00, to talk about wolf dudes with swords. We are going over the first season of the Garo anime. It's like we planned this on the previous episode or something.

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(0:00 - 14:50) Intro

In case you were wondering what Eevee picture we were talking about in the beginning. Obviously, this was before they added the Fairy type. Which one of these would you like to have?

(14:51 - 1:45:26) Review (Garo The Animation)

I think this a perfectly good opportunity to mention you should check out the live action series. Yeah, it is kind of an acquired taste but if you are interested learning more of the universe, it is worth looking it up.

(1:45:27 - 1:47:01) Closing

So I guess we have to do more in 2016.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Episode 117 - If I Can Turn Back Time

And that took longer to put out. Hey, there is a new season of anime this fall. Well, we don't talk about it that much since not a lot of it came out when we recorded this. We are having a problem with things coming out when they are suppose to. So, here is what we thought of the summer season of anime for 2015. Enjoy.

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(0:00 - 11:40) Intro

It is not often advertised on the podcast site itself, but we sometimes like to stream things on a Livestream page. You might be able to see something of a homework assignment still there at the posting of this episode. Sign of things to come?

(11:41 - 1:27:37) Discussion (Summer 2015 Anime Season Review)

So, we used this site to talk about most of the shows we watched during this episode. As expected, there will be spoilers for a majority of the shows during the season. I forgot which ones so just assume all of them. You have been warned.

(1:27:38 - 1:29:07) Earcatch

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast I had a fun time playing Fibbage with these guys. They talk about One Piece? The Animanga Podcast Where the hell is my book, Jammer?

(1:29:08 - 2:10:40) Discussion (Fall 2015 Anime Season Preview)

One Punch Man is pretty.

There is nothing else to that. It just is.

(2:10:40 - 2:13:29) Closing

We really need to get to 120 before the year is up.

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Bonus - AWA Report I Forgot To Post On The Site

The title is also the synopses of this bonus episode. So, that kid we had on our show one time all those years ago showed up to a con I was at. We finally chatted face to face. Josh Dunham is back and I stole another episode of his podcast to post on our feed until the next episode is out.

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Be sure to check out Josh's site for the full show notes.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Project Super Nakama Casting Call

By now you've probably heard of the audio drama we want to get moving for our 7th anniversary, our attempt to add on to the lasting legacy that will be the Ass Backwards Podcast Network, for good or for bad. The main thrust of the story surrounds twelve individuals in a pre-apocalyptic world still trying to figure out if they want the world to know about their gifts. Like I would've mentioned on the episode, I am long winded, so if the show works out there will be many characters over the years to provide opportunities to everyone who can commit to doing the work. For those who want to audition but are on the fence I'm posting a summary of main characters and some bits of dialogue you can record and pass along to

A few of the characters don’t have any prompt lines to audition with but if you’re interested you’re welcome to read from Shakespeare, your favorite book or poetry. We are also looking for all sorts of technical help including someone to help compose small bits of music for the show so if that's your calling feel free to submit samples of your work. Check below the jump for casting, and feel free to try out for parts that have been offered if they're the most interesting to you, there are still many minor and recurring roles that will need to be cast.

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