Sunday, January 17, 2010

Episode 45.25 - SSAG 4.5 - Foxy Needs Someone To Put Her Into A Coma

Bienvenido al SSAG Podcast. Hoy, terminamos nuestra discusiĆ³n ... Sorry. Sometimes we leave it on SAP MODE. Today, we will focus on games coming out this year. We'll also throw out some predictions and even a jab or two at corporations. For a special bonus, this podcast is now available in 3D! 3D is going to enhance everything. Now you can watch the new Jay Leno Show in 3D. You can watch as Leno’s jokes come flying out of the television and land besides you and DIE! The wonders of 3D. You're welcome.

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Intro (Games we missed last time)

It's a smaller group this time. I know what you're thinking, which could be one of two things: "Yes, more video game goodness" or "Who the hell put all this Vidya Gaems in my Animu." To the former, I know right! and to the latter, why don't you talk to us anymore! Complaints go to We won't have another SSAG episode for a while, so victory to the haters unless we get emails or comments.

Super Mario 64 in record TIME!

Discussion (Most anticipated games)
  1. Mass Effect 2

  2. Army of Two: The 40th Day

  3. Dark Void

  4. Lost Planet 2

  5. MAG

  6. Final Fantasy XIII

  7. Final Fantasy XIV

  8. God of War 3

  9. Fallout: New Vegas

  10. Castlevania – Lords of Shadow

  11. Super Mario Galaxy 2

  12. Bioshock 2

  13. Starcraft 2

  14. MGS: Peacewalker

  15. Alan Wake

  16. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

  17. Dante's Inferno

  18. Splinter Cell: Conviction

  19. Heavy Rain

  20. I Am Alive

  21. Crysis 2

  22. Gran Turismo 5

  23. Max Payne 3

  24. Super Street Fighter 4

  25. Mega Man 10

  26. White Knight Chronicles

  27. Deux Ex

  28. Alien vs Predator 2

  29. Rage

  30. Fable 3

  31. Milo

  32. Game 3

  33. Halo: Reach

  34. Green Day: Rock Band

  35. Prince of Pesia: Forgotten Sands

Discussion (Not important stuff)
  1. Diablo 3

  2. Twilight MMO

  3. Metroid M

  4. Legend of Zelda

  5. Beyond Good and Evil 2


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