Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Episode 47 - Peterson Sounds Like A Douche

Hey, remember when we used to talk about anime? Yeah, those were good times. The sky was a little bit bluer. The coffee tasted a little bit richer. Before all the video games and Korean music took up all of our time. Well, guess what audience? We are back to talking about anime and there is no crazier way to live up to our name than to talk about one of our personal favorites: Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu, or Hale + Guu. We also go through all kinds of feedback towards the end. So, click that link and take a listen.

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(0:00 - 4:39) Intro Open with a correspondence from Hale to Kyon. "I know who you are, you don't know me, we have a similar problem", and then the podcast unfolds from there as Hale giving advice to the other young adventurers who suddenly find themselves with a God/Magical Girl/Alien/Piece of Driftwood that transforms who inflicts wacky hi-jinks upon his life with malevolence attached. That is what you get when Foxy is bored at work. (4:40 - 9:56) Discussion (Know Thyself) Poor kid (9:57 - 22:07) Discussion (Where is Your God Now?) lol Afro Guu is Afro (22:08 - 47:58) Discussion (Know The Other Victims) Did you hear that? That's the sound of these songs getting stuck in your head for a week. (47:59 - 1:03:35) Discussion (Enjoy the Adventure) This would be the part where I would link to the drunk episode. To be quite honest, the impact of that episode works so much better if you have seen a good amount of what Hale has had to put up with. Instead, here is an AMV of some highlights from the series. (1:03:36 - 1:04:46) Earcatch Orange Anime Podcast Sorry if you misunderstood me about the stealing bit. The Unofficial One Piece Podcast Oh radio... (1:04:47 - 1:09:05) Discussion (Kill Yourself. It's the Only Way to Be Free) Let's be honest, the manga is never going to get translated. No one bought the DVDs, so we are not getting more reprints. Final isn't even licensed. You are only going to be able to watch this by getting the fansubs with people who are no longer seeding the show. As you slowly welcome the cold embrace of death, you can listen to the ending song for Deluxe...IN KOREAN. (1:09:06 - 1:30:50) Mailbag I love mixed messages. Thank you everyone for writing in. To make me feel less like a jerk, here are some of the reviews up to this date that our friend Josh has done on Anime 3000: Katanagatari Mushishi Movie Dragonball Z: History of Trunks (1:30:51 - 1:32:40) Closing So I heard about this show called Dragonball is coming out. You should check that out. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook Also on Steam


iblade said...

Wow back to that animoo stuff huh? Let Peterson know that I'm crying about his comments when you read my email about Monster.

BOYWEC said...

Great show, Hare+Guu is also one of my favorite anime, I have the complete first and second season on DVD. Too bad Final never came out.

Also, it seems my email brought back some terrible memories for Foxy. My bad, I was just messing around.

Josh Dunham said...

I love mixed messages too, since it gets my links on the page. Sorry for the email, i kinda just pounded on the keybord and hoped it make words for me in some form of legible english. Nice episode, sounds good, and in all honesty i might pick it up.

And don't sugest Dragonball, it makes you sound like a douche. Looking forward for 50.

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