Friday, May 1, 2009

Episode 22 - What is 19% of Avogadro's Constant?

This is a slightly dated episode, but I don’t think that is the point. We had what some might call a script for this one and in the ended up becoming Who’s Line is It Anyway? And I was Drew Carey. We cover things including current shows, the fandom’s stupidity and seriously everything else but what we were suppose to talk about.

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(0:00-4:30) Intro I really need to get an R4 chip for my DS. It is not for evil means I assure you. What are you looking at? Hey look, there are some nice homebrew apps that I want to try out. Seriously stop looking at me like that. Come man. This is getting weird now. I am about to call the police on you. STOP STARRING AT ME! LOUD NOISES! (4:31-23:07)Discussion (Small Talk Express) OK. According to the script, it said we were supposed to talk about some of the new season shows. Now it is your job to keep up with us as we go off on tangents. The shows on the list that was supposed to be mentioned is Guin Saga, Sengoku BASARA, Eden of the East and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. How much time we spend on each show varies. We tried our hardest on one of them, but it went somewhere else. (23:08-47:21) Discussion (Dubs and fandom) There was no real transition into this subject formally. That is just how we roll. Trust me, we make a point somewhere in this mess. (47:22-48:39) Earcatch Animeshon Podcast and an old friend. (48:40-59:43) Discussion (Taking Fast Guy) DERAILED You can blame Bond Girl for completely screwing us up and throwing us off of the discussion and I am sure we were going to be there all day too. This part is not related to anything. We need some real leadership in this show. (59:44-1:11:46) Discussion (Did this already) We kind cover this on episode 3. Towards the end, it was mainly about what shows deserve to be on what channel. Someone FUND IT (1:11:47-1:49:37) Discussion (Death and spoilers) We start naming off a bunch of people dying. Here is a list that way you don’t complain: -Mother 3 -Trigun -School Days -Disgaea -Claymore -Nartuo -One Piece -Gurren Lagann -Hellsing -Dragonball: Evolution -Death Note -Final Fantasy 7 -Cowboy Bebop -Chrono Trigger -Soldier A in any game. -Earthbound Now we move to sad deaths: -Full Metal Alchemist -Evangelion -One Piece again -Elfin Lied -Berserk -Ashita no Joe -Pokemon the Movie -Grave of the Fireflies -Barefoot Gen -Evangalion again -Lion King TIGER UPPERCUT OK. We actually have the audio of the video we saw but, I think it is best if we don’t have it on the episode. Trust me it got worse after the video. You are going to have to ask us what we saw. -Oh yeah Batman Begins Best Power Ever (1:49:38-1:52:07) Closing We are getting close to the last bit of episodes we prerecorded. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


shinigamidono said...

you were trying to think of some good "fighting anime" in the podcast.. one more for you.. "Basilisk"... that's pretty much all fighting :)

Doctor said...

ah true. somehow fist of the north star also slipped my mind, but I wanted to stray away from shounen action shows.

ShikonSoulreaper said...

Good episode, but I have a few comments.

First, to Foxy, Baki the Grappler may not have had fights with dinosuars, but it did have a fight with giant prehistoric apes, so that's close enough.

Next, i must agree with Doc, Red X was badass. And Light's death was not typical, it didn't suck THAT bad, it wasnt the best, but it was sutable to who he had become.

And one last thing, if deaths in flashbacks dont count, then Teresa's death doesn't count, just saying.

I loved the show, keep up the good work guys.

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