Friday, May 8, 2009

Episode 23 - Is Casper Still Fired?

Even though we didn’t say it in the actual episode, this can be considered our suggestions for this month. Or is that gimmick already broken? Either way this is another episode of the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast. In this one, we bring you reviews on a record of six different things. We got three mangas, two dramas and one very interesting TV show. Can we not break structure for once? Well, we didn’t, but the audio is a bit screwy so you are going to have to deal.

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(0:00-5:37) Intro Even though Casper told us at the last second that he was bringing over Street Fighter 4, Peterson somehow used his Spidey Sense and brought an extra controller. Luckily, I gave my copy to my cousin so I can concentrate on Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. (5:38-14:19) Review (Mysterious Girlfriend X) This is a very interesting series. Don’t ask how I stumbled upon it. Let’s just say I went to a certain thread of a certain site and there was certain scan about a certain…ok 4chan told me…/a/… (14:20-20:20) Review(Mx0) I am going to end up picking this manga back up again. I can’t say much about the unlucky ability of people with some sort of talent gets screwed by the company that showed them to the public. By the way, the last episode of Dollhouse should be airing today. (20:21-21:32) Earcatch Animeshon Podcast promo (21:33-26:37) Review(Mx0 cont. and other things) Small bump, but we are getting better. (26:38-30:35) Review(Whistle!) I know there is an anime as well if you want to try it out. The only other soccer related show I saw was Inazuma Eleven. Not bad, Shoalin Soccer meets Naruto. (30:36-37:00) Review(Pandora) Damn audio got stupid around here. That and Bond Girl is afraid of the mic. Honestly, I can’t seem to figure out why she can’t get her mouth closer to it. Oh well. (37:01-45:09) Review(Queen’s Classroom) Seriously, the bitch is evil. Watch the hell out of this show. Evil I tells ya Is it bad that I found that disturbing scene Foxy mentioned and am too afraid to put it up here? Screw it. (45:10-53:20) Review(Gamecenter CX) There is so many games I want to see this guy play. I just realized I miss Nick Arcade. (53:21-59:43) Discussion (Really this is just filler before the end) I have nothing funny to say now. (59:44-1:01:05) Closing I’m going to get that Platinum trophy by the way. Bank on it. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


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