Friday, April 24, 2009

Episode 21 - Can You Make It to the Eyecatch?

This is what happens when we have less concentration than we usually have. So instead of writing proper notes for this, I am just going to list off everything we talked about. We also got a few promos for some other podcasts.

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//This thing seems to work now. Even at the cost of structure in the feed, I will allow it.

This may help you follow what is going on. I am so not putting timestamps on this:

-In Soviet Russia, hair salon robs you.
-Intro? Kinda..
-Woman shot British
-Dollhouse discussion #1
-In Your Washer
-Mexicans on fire
-Some Claymore talk.
-Rosario Plus Vampire
-More people on fire
-Link in the Berserk world and Guts in The Legend of Zelda.
-We are heading to Comic Con and JACON X, hopefully.
-Ebay bought G-market
-Kratos vs Guts
-Five word reviews
-Some more fail from us
-Dollhouse discussion #2
-Bad attempt at talking about Black Lagoon
-Rangercast promo
-Animeshon promo
-Favorite anime characters
-How some of us found out about anime.
-Japanese Spiderman
-Pirate Bay guys
-Utility belts
-So, can I watch?
-Top 10 best actors to play worst villains
-Dr Who
-More TV shows
-Oh hell nah.
-American movies adapted in Japan.
-RPG endings
-Conway Twitty

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ShikonSoulreaper said...

lol, what an lol-tastic episode.

You guys sure sounded drunk throughout the whole thing. Good ep over all tho.

Doctor said...

Ummm. There was a reason behind that....

ShikonSoulreaper said...

ya, I know.

That crazy mix of booze and soda sounded good lmao

Peter said...

I like how when we get drunk we go political.

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