Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Episode 140 - #BringBackAlvida

This was asked of us to do. A challenge was made has been accepted. After several years, we have finally decided to talk about One Piece again. This time, with a small twist. Our fantastic host, Dame Dr. Foxy Brown, has asked the internet if there was anyone brave enough to catch her up with what is happening in One Piece and see if she can be convinced to pick it back up. Accepting this task are writer and contributor to the One Piece Podcast, Ash, and host of the My Hero Acedemia Podcast, Kendra. Will they succeed? Listen and find out. And in case it's not clear, spoilers ahead.

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(0:00 - 10:29) Intro

You can check out Ash's articles on the One Piece Podcast's website as well as his YouTube channel. Along with MHAP, you can also check Kendra's Haikyu!! podcast, The View from the Top.

(10:30 - 47:27) Discussion (Quick rundown)

There was a lot left out for the sake of time. It's kind of hard to sum up years of One Piece in close to 30 minutes.

(47:28 - 2:58:58) Discussion (Question Time)

Foxy has questions. Our guests have answers. Let's see if she likes them.

(2:58:59 - 3:02:30) Closing

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