Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Episode 141 - Changing Jackets: The Mystery of Mamo

Welcome to the first of the Changing Jackets series where we will be going through the movies and OVAs of Lupin the Third. On this episode, we start by going over The Mystery of Mamo. Along with that, we also spend way too much time talking about a certain documentary(?) on Netflix called, Enter The Anime.

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(0:00 - 10:29) Intro

Still waiting to know how are you doing.

(23:53 - 1:04:34) Discussion (Enter The Anime)

If you wanted to read my live reactions to this thing, here is my thread on it. Don't watch this doc.

(1:04:58 - 2:17:07) Review (The Mystery of Mamo)

You can just skip to here if you want to go straight into the review. Here is the Right Stuf page for the movie. Hopefully more copies will be in stock soon.

(2:17:07 - 2:19:05) Closing

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