Sunday, June 30, 2019

Episode 139 - #UnleashTheNipple

A new (old) episode is finally out for people to listen to. This review has been on our Patreon for about a year and we decided to finally unlock it and have it available to the public. Doctor is joined by Garret of the Going Digital: A Digimon Rewatch Podcast to talk about the Mazinger Z: Infinity movie.

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(0:00 - 4:11) Intro

As mentioned during the recording, be sure to check out our newest Patreon project, The Poltergeist Report, on our Patreon. New episode will be out July 7 with every episode coming out every two weeks. The first episode is free with all subsequent episodes will be out for just $1 on the Network.

(4:12 - 2:38:53) Discussion (Non-spoiler Review)

Many thanks to Garret for coming aboard all those months ago. Hope to have you on again in the future.

(43:58 - 1:06:18) Discussion (Spoiler Discussion)

Luckily the movie is out physically over here so you can pick it up.

(1:06:19 - 1:07:50) Closing

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