Monday, September 4, 2017

Episode 128 - Chance The Rapper

Another episode is here. Foxy has returned to the show after some time as well as a couple of guests. The SoundCloud duo of the AniManga Podcast, Jammer and Dominic, have returned to the show this time to talk about a movie we all saw recently. Actually, it is not really about that. On this episode, we are going over the stigma of Hollywood live-action adaptations through the lens of the Netflix Original movie, Death Note.

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(0:00 - 21:46) Intro

So this entire intro took way too long before we got to the topic proper.

(21:47 - 2:08:51) Discussion (Why live action adaptations?)

During the discussion, Jammer references their recent episode going into detail about the Death Note movie. We don't necessarily go beat-for-beat talking about the whole movie in this discussion so if you are looking for a review along those lines, you can go check out their episode on it.

(2:08:51 - 2:35:34) Mailbag

Due to technical issues, we ended up having to re-record the ending of this episode. Luckily, I got some help to read off some of the emails and comments we got off of our Discord channel. Thanks to all of those that sent some feedback.

(2:35:34 - 2:38:21) Closing

Let's see if we can record something before the podcast's 9th anniversary. If not, consider this the anniversary episode.

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