Sunday, October 22, 2017

Episode 129 - Lights Follow

After nine years, we are still around. On this episode of the podcast, we are covering some more stuff from Netflix. We start by over the best show about nothing, Terrace House. Afterwards, we spend some time talking about Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light.

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(0:00 - 13:31) Intro

For those who are going in wondering why we are referencing Taylor Swift, here is what the Japanese opening of Terrace House is like. You can compare that to the song that is used outside of Japan. Kind of prefer the latter but both work way more than what they used in the pre-Netflix Terrace House.

(13:32 - 1:23:21) Review (Terrace House)

If you are looking for the pre-Netflix episodes of Terrace House, there is a group actually working on them. Good stuff.

(1:23:22 - 1:24:42) Earcatch

The AniManga Podcast I'm expected to be on a future episode. Look out for it once it's out.

(1:24:43 - 2:06:48) Review (Dad of Light)

I unfortunately have too many games to play so I may not fall back into the pit of playing Final Fantasy XIV for some time. If you are curious and want to know what inspired this series, you can find a translation of some of the blog along with the original here.

(2:06:49 - 2:09:07) Closing

Yeah, we didn't make another episode in time for the anniversary. I guess we have to try again next year.

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