Sunday, December 19, 2010

Episode 70 - We Are Making Anime Empire Relevant Again...Twice Actually

I am sure you are probably wondering what Anime Empire has anything to do with this episode of the podcast. No, we did not interview any of the staff of A-Empire. Actually, this episode is not even a continuation of our piracy episode. This really is a way for us to thank the people of Anime Empire for all the hard work and dedication they put into their dozens of projects. While most of the talk about them is in our feedback section, we are still going to give you another list of mistakes that we have made during this last run of episodes.

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(0:00 - 5:48) Intro If you are wondering if we have that Power Rangers argument, we don't. (5:49 - 31:38) Discussion (Errors) You know what would be really funny, if all of those episodes that Casper didn't do had no errors in them. Here is the recipe for The Peterson aka. The Bartender (Peterson version). Dry gin Dry sherry Dry vermouth Triple sec Splash of sparkling wine Please drink responsibly. (31:39 - 34:26) Earcatch Jammer's AniMovie Podcast Glad you released something., Otaku Home Podcast Sucks your laptop got stolen. Animeshon Podcast Need to schedule Marvel a bit better. (31:27 - 1:22:05) Mailbag All of your Anime Empire needs are here, but obviously there is something more important that needs to be said. As most of our listeners know, we are an interesting set of characters with a variety of interests. With this show being an open forum to express our interests, time and again, we tend to reference certain shows as our respective favorites. We have gotten enough feedback that requests us to bring more discussion on those shows and, if possible, talk about them more exclusively. I had intended this podcast mainly as a catch all show. So the idea about talking one specific show exclusively is a bit outside my comfort zone. That being said, I will try my hardest to make this work. I think that is enough buildup, right? For the people who actually read the notes on the site before or during listening to the episode, I am proud to announce that we are starting up a new podcast, twice actually. Sorry, I had to get that joke in somehow. Yes, two new shows. Foxy and I will make our running joke a reality by starting up a Gintama podcast. I will blame this trailer to be the final push we needed for this to happen. Now, the next show that I am mainly going to spearhead with Bond Girl will be a Detective Conan/Case Closed podcast. Obviously, this is a big show, so dedicating a whole podcast about will be a challenge. Now you know that I am going to have a lot of manga purchases in 2011. The question now becomes, what will become of the SSAA Podcast? This simple answer: Nothing will change. We will bring you same show we always have, maybe with me sounding a bit more tired as we go along. I don’t want the show to be hindered just because we are starting more shows. We already did our Gintama and Detective Conan episode already, so we don’t need to talk about it again on the main show. The most you will hear is us mentioning new episodes of those podcasts. As of the day I released this episode, we have not finalized the release schedule, a web site, or even names for these podcasts. This why we are going to be taking a few weeks off to sort everything out. Do not think of this as us podfading. It took a little time to originally start this show. Now that we are experienced, the turn around time for these new shows will be a lot shorter. Until then, we will premiere these two shows together on our podcast. The episode will be titled “The Pilot.” Look out for it. Thank you to everyone who has written in, especially our anonymous friend. (1:22:06 - 1:27:28) Closing See you next year...bitches. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on YouTube, Facebook and on Steam.


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