Monday, December 13, 2010

Episode 69.5 - She Stared Towards The Sunset...Twice Actually

Since Doctor often records episodes without warning or our prior knowledge for the sole purpose of creating a bigger fanbase for himself for the inevitable day when he vote-kicks all of us from the podcast, Peterson and I made a promise to ourselves that we would one day record our own solo episodes that would be better and grander than his. Of course, the results are a lot different when we actually tried. He did his thing about some manga or something like always & then I tried talking to myself for hours and hours. Since the Top of the Aughts is mostly my project I decided to make things easier for myself and talk about some things I love from that list and some things I hate about them. Sorry about the Christmas music and the little children next door.

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(0:00 - 3:30) Intro It's that thing that pisses me off when everybody's happy when pretty much nothing's really resolved. Hooray for brushing everything under the rug. It's not that I hate happy endings, I hate badly written happy endings. (3:31 - 27:39) Review (Mai-Hime) It's not that I would know how a typical magical girl show works so this whole bit is assumption. I'm not a fan like Doctor. Most of this summary is done from memory so sorry about not being professional. Spoilers everywhere. (27:40 - 28:33) Earcatch Anime 3000 Hope to see you at that anime club again. (28:34 - 41:03) Review (Last Exile) Last Exile is phenomenally gorgeous for a 7+ year old show. There's a subtle plug in there for a cable TV show in there that you should watch. Seriously if you can find it, watch it. Link to the concept art here. If you couldn't tell that I'm a totally shippy fangirl, it's all in this part. And Delphine probably met Claus, but my memory sucks. My gaydar is broken in case you couldn't tell, has been for years but I refuse to take it in to the shop. (41:04 - 42:10) Earcatch Jammer’s AniMovie Podcast Still haven't watched the new Harry Potter. (42:11 - 56:39) Review (Claymore) Main character be trolling. Sidekick character is ultimately annoying. Image shamelessly stolen from earlier blog post. Not flashbacks be happening without warning. The minute the twin goddess statues are explained my brain exploded. In summation, like Berserk, after watching Claymore, buy the manga. (56:40 - 57:09) Earcatch The Unofficial One Piece Podcast Good luck with that award. (57:10 - 1:10:32) Review (Shaman King) Asakura Hao has the single greatest pants/shoes/gloves combination in the history of anime. I defy you to present to me a better combi. The Necrophilia was what amused me the most about 4Kids picking up Shaman King (It was the only thing amusing about 4kids picking up Shaman King). Ren's older sister clearly falls in love with her dead Bruce Lee zombie & 4Kids instead of burying it plays it up even more. Hey Kids it's Bruce Lee Chocolove's jaguar is named Mick. Mick Jaguar, get it? GET IT? THIS IS NOT RACIST AT ALL. No sirree massa. (He tells awful jokes too) (1:10:33 - 1:27:25) Discussion (Questions?) I ask questions of myself now. Please try to watch these shows, voting for them doesn't matter so much. The endings really aren't all that bad (except Claymore), I just have high standards. (1:27:26 - 1:29:26) Closing Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on YouTube, Facebook and on Steam.


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