Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top of The Aughts: The Reckoning

You know the backstory. I created a poll to see what you wanted to vote for as the top anime of the ten years 2000-2009. You (not all of you of course) kept suggesting One Piece despite it not technically qualifying. I said, alright, it's okay if you follow this rule (supply me with reasoning as if I'd never seen One Piece) and then you jerks completely ignored my rule.

As followup I swore to destroy some One Piece merchandise, months and months later, I finally came through. One Piece Season 3: Third Voyage, meh, it was asking for it.

The Destruction (Drex Had More Fun Than I Did)

The Cleanup


Anonymous said...

You could have done it to something that deserved it. Like movie 8.

Bullet_Beast said...

That video was a brilliant spectical. If more DVD destruction videos are done in the future, I'd enjoy them.

Ricey said...

The question I have is, how would batman destroy one piece merchandise?

BOYWEC said...

It would have been hilarious if you guys used that music from the movie Office Space where they were breaking the printer, in the background.

Dame Dr. Foxy Brown said...

@BOYWEC Of course, that is exactly why I didn't use that music.

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