Friday, December 3, 2010

Episode 69 - We Kept It Classy...Twice Actually

I will give you moment to giggle a little bit since we are now on episode 69. Done? OK. This took a good while to prepare. On this episode of the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast, we bring to you the kind of class that has been needed on this show. We bring to you a very unique show that may have gone overlooked. That show is called Bartender. We go through the entire eleven episodes while drinking the various mixed drinks that were presented throughout the series. Eleven episodes, eleven drinks. If you are of legal drinking age, you can join along with us as we talk all about this series.

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(0:00 - 11:25) Intro For those wondering, the majority of this music used for this episode is from the Bartender OST done by the group Natural High. Please support the artists. (11:26 - 58:35) Discussion (Bartender) Here is your menu. These are the ingredients as presented in the show. If you feel like modifying them, that is up to you. If you need help preparing, google is your friend. Episode 1 - Grass Hopper Green Peperming    20ml Cacao White    20ml Fresh Cream    20ml Episode 2 - Nikolaschka Brandy    to taste Sugar     to taste Lemon Slice     1 slice Episode 3 - Margarita Tequila    40ml Cintreau    5ml Lime Juice    15ml Salt    to taste Episode 4 - Bijou Cocktail / Amber Dream Dry Gin    20ml Sweet Vermouth    20ml Chartreuse (Green)    20ml Orange Bitters    1 dash Episode 5 - Frozen Daiquiri White Rum    40ml Fresh Lime Juice    15ml White Curacao    1tsp Sugar    1tsp Crushed Ice    1cup {Hemingway Recipe} White Rum (Havana Club)    110ml Lime Juice    2 limes worth Grapefruit Juice    ½ grapefruit worth Maraschino    6drops Crushed Ice    1cup Episode 6 - Aberdeen Angus Scotch Whiskey    45ml Drambuie    20ml Honey    1tsp Lemon Juice    15ml Episode 7 - Rusty Nail Scotch Whisky    40ml Drambuie    20ml Episode 8 - Pastis Water Pastis 51     40ml Mineral Water    120ml Episode 9 - Gin & Tonic Dry Gin    45ml Tonic Water    to taste Episode 10 - Black Velvet Champagne    1/2 Guinness    1/2 Episode 11 - Bartender Dry Gin    15ml Dry Sherry    15ml Dry Vermouth    15ml Dubonnet    15ml Orange Curacao    1dash Enjoy. Drive safely. (1:52:44 - 1:57:28) Closing Here is the video that was suppose to be released after this episode but we went ahead and released it anyway. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on YouTube, Facebook and on Steam.


Bullet_beast said...

You guys kept it so classy Dudley would be proud. I haven't seen the anime, but what I've read of the manga encompasses most of the anime so I was actually not really spoiled much. The ramblings from Mexican were hilarious(some of them even made sense), and from your responses it sounds like Peterson made for a great bartender.(I want to try that bartender-Peterson Ver.!) You guys definitely did the series justice with your review/discussion. It's too bad Foxy couldn't have joined you guys due to obvious reasons, but alas the show must go on right?

Keep up the good work guys!

Mexikan said...

Thanks, I do it for the fans.

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