Saturday, November 20, 2010

Episode 68.96 - Who Was On First...Twice Actually

We are still preparing for our very classy episode. In the meantime, here is a buffer episode. Gothic Garra and Naruto (really?) from the Konoha Corner Podcast join us to talk about the upcoming anime season. Also, Funk.

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(0:00 - 11:25) Intro

I’m surprised no one said Cheerios or Rice Krispies.

Or this...actually I’m not surprised.

(11:26 - 58:35) Discussion (Winter 2010-2011 Anime Preview)

Here is the list that we used. I am cautiously optimistic for this season. That is also not a surprise.

(58:36 - 1:01:52) Earcatch

Animeshon Podcast Am I to assume you can’t read this right now?

Jammer’s AniMovie Podcast Glad to know you use one of my recording techniques.

Otaku Home Podcast What was that about manhwa?

(1:01:53 - 1:33:59) Review (Fall 2010 Anime)

This is what Foxy has on loop at her house.

(1:34:00 - 1:52:43) Mailbag

Thanks for your feedback. For those wondering, this is what I saw while I was recording. It’s fake by the way. One could hope though.

(1:52:44 - 1:57:28) Closing

The whole bit.

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