Monday, March 15, 2010

Episode 50 - Dedizen Is The Real Winner

We are finally here. I blame myself for not getting this out sooner. I thought it would be best to release this before the crew heads to MegaCon 2010. I am sure you started seeing changes on the site. The layout has changed, for the better I hope. We should have a seperate page now for the cast list. I got around to changing the polls now, which is mainly for feedback and possible plans for future episodes. Trust me, we still have a lot more we are going to bring out for you in the future. So, as per tradition on our show, we are going to look at our past episodes and list off all the errors we have made, with a small twist. Hope you have fun.

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(0:00 - 1:42) Intro This is one of those times where we say: Screw the rules, this is our podcast. (1:43 - 31:12) Discussion (The game begin) Here is the link that Peterson was referring to about that Dreamcast. Though it wouldn’t matter once we announce the winner of the survey contest, we will make sure that Peterson uses our pseudonyms in the next error sheets. So, where is the line? I can never keep track of that thing. (31:13 - 32:38) Earcatch The Unofficial One Piece Podcast You guys have to bring two forms of identification and fill out Form 555K to do a guest spot on our show. Animeshon I guess we are all behind on stuff. Stick to the end of the episode by the way. (32:39 - 52:54) Discussion (The game continue) I am just completely abusing the soundboard at this point of the game. I lost my voice by the end of this episode. Golden Rule: Never make Mexican read. Sadly, I forgot to send Mexican’s prize and it ended up getting thrown out. Anyone else watch The Pest? It’s mad excellent. Here are the opening credits to this horribly fun, bad movie: (52:55 - 54:44) Earcatch NPC Podcast I wondered why I was hearing wolves during the recording… The OA Podcast I bought Halo Legends… (54:45 - 1:03:25) Discussion (The game concludes) And a running joke is born. I know I put PwnGoatJunkie’s Twitter somewhere (1:03:26 - 1:04:18) Earcatch Rangercast Oh right, got to send that email… (1:04:19 - 1:36:28) Mailbag Your pages are going to here from now on Josh. As far as the next Kamen Rider series, you are going to have to open your ears for the next Rider episode. Here is what Funkatron and I were referring to: (1:36:29 - 1:37:39) Closing I am going to blame MegaCon and the hotel we were staying at for the late release. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


BOYWEC said...

Great show yall, and congrats on yall 50th show. I hope yall go on to do 50 more.

Also, Battle Stadium D.O.N. is on Gamecube and not on Wii. Thats one for yall 60th or 70th episode.

Yall have a good one.

Doctor said...


BOYWEC said...

heh, I do say yall alot

Bullet_beast said...

Awesome episode guys. Yea it's my fault whitey(probably didn't spell that right) had so many votes. I voted for him on a whim before I even listened to this podcast(I probably thought "man fuck whitey") and for some reason It let me vote for him again like 7 times over. I don't know what kinda glitch that was but that's one mystery solved.

B0X0R said...

I come from the Future! It shall take these geeks three years until they make the big 100!

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