Cast List

Primary Hosts

Doctor: The co-creator and editor of the SSAA Podcast. Doctor’s love and knowledge of anime of various kinds rainbows all other members of the podcast; from mecha to Magical Girl anime. Also, very knowledgeable in J-Dramas, tokusatsu, and off-the-wall Japanese shows.

Bonus: Whores himself out to other podcasts.


Dame Dr. Foxy Brown: The co-creator and main blogger of the SSAA cast. She hates/loves K-pop and all of its spin-off reality shows. She is very knowledgeable in anime, J-dramas, K-dramas, HK-dramas and even TW-dramas. (Yes, it does exist) You’re either with her or embarrassed by her.

Bonus: She co-hosts another podcast, displaying her knowledge and experience in vidya gaems.


Peterson: The third host of the SSAA Podcast. A more behind the scenes then out in the open guy. He enjoys himself a good manga; just don’t expect him to talk about it.

Bonus: Not every star twinkles.

Secondary Hosts

BboyCasper: As rare as an undiscovered diamond being struck by both a lightning bolt and an asteroid. He enjoys anime, manga, j-dramas and One Piece.

Bonus: He likes to oil up.

Mexican: Another on again, off again host. He loves anime, mangas and dramas. Scarily knowledgeable in hentai and infamous image boards.

Rare Hosts

Bond Girl #4, 6, 10, ?: A specialist host of the SSAA Podcast. She is very knowledgeable in Asian music in general. If you speak k-pop, you speak Bond Girl.

Bonus: MUNECA! End of bonus.

Funkatron: A sporadic guest turned host of the SSAA podcast. His love for wolf girls goes unnoticed until now or episode 42, whichever. He is another tokusatsu buff. He does other podcasts, I think.

Twitter      One Piece Podcast

Super Rare

Whitey: Another guest host of the SSAA podcast. He is a PC enthusiast who enjoys an occasional anime and hooker. You want to talk tech, you can talk to him.

Cool Hip: A staple of the SSAG Podcast and an occasional blogger. She enjoys video games, especially ones that include unbaptized babies. Bonus: While she doesn’t know much of this anime, I dare you to test her knowledge of Joss Whedon and all of his creations. It’s like taking a shit while doing a handstand.

Secret Rare

Dedizen: Rare to the point where the audience questions his existence.


Joshua Dunham: The original guest of the SSAA podcast. He was doing it before it was cool. He used to host the greatest podcast of all time, but he is now out fighting aliens.

Twitter      3 Japanofile Productions      Animeshon Podcast      Anime3000

Richey McBeefy: An occasional guest of the SSAA podcast and a damn near linchpin of the SSAG podcast. Like a good STD, you couldn’t get rid of him even if you tried.

Bonus: He used to co-host a podcast with Foxy called the Non-Player Character Podcast.


PwnGoatJunkie: Our first donator and an apparent fan of the podcast. After floating over from the Unofficial One Piece Podcast, he came to us to show some love.


Sketch: A seasonal voice actor who lends his voice for podcasts. He is very knowledgable in Mech shows and SCREAMING IN A MANLY FASHION! Also, self-proclaimed master of all things Toonami.

Bonus: Brony

Twitter      The UnAbridged Podcast      Sketch's YouTube Channel

Jammer: A screenwriter who loves to talk about anime and film. He has his own blog and podcast where he seems to have Doctor on almost all the time (Zach 2.0?). He also seems to love the abuse of watching bad movies.

Twitter      Jammer's AniMovie Blog

Firecrouch: The over-the-top news host of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast. His need to make a non sequitur is only equal to the common human's need to breathe.

Twitter      One Piece Podcast

Mikey D. Pirate: The dedicated One Piece blogger over at the One Piece at a Time blog. He can write more about a five minute One Piece opening than Doctor can write about a three hour discussion. Did we mention he likes One Piece?

Bonus: He likes One Piece.

Twitter      One Piece at a Time Blog

Gothic Garra: The host and the future downfall of the Konaha Corner Podcast, a Naruto Shippuden podcast. He is not afraid to say that his own show sucks and just endlessly talk about any other subject. He talks a lot.

Bonus: He can convince you that Vic is on the other end of the line. (Edit in 2019: This did not age well.)

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