Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Episode 40 - The Train Gets Detoured

Sorry for the delay and sorry for the quality of the show. These set of episodes proved to be the toughest to release. Though we are not going to be talking about errors just yet, and trust me, there were plenty, it is for the best to save them. So, in this episode we talk about the Fall and Winter anime of this year. As well as me, Doctor, making an idiot out of myself. Guess which one was easier to do.

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(0:00 - 5:18) Intro From this point forward, 50 is the new meme. (5:19 - 49:38) Review ('09 Fall Anime) Here is the link to the chart we use. Yeah, I know I watch way too much stuff. I will admit, I am still watching shows that are from the previous seasons. Here is a small glimpse into my madness. If you are on MAL, go ahead and friend me if you want. If you guys have any complaints or comments about the shows we talked about, or didn't, just leave one here. If its a bit more than an essay, I'm looking at you Ricey, email us instead. (49:39 - 50:09) Earcatch The Unofficial One Piece Podcast I am just glad we don't fact check the crap I say on there. (50:10 - 1:18:17) Discussion ('09 Winter Anime Preview) Here is the link to the chart we use. I know we are shooting ourselves in the foot by talking about this before a final release of shows, but why should we care if there are 3 more shows that we are not going to watch. (1:18:18 - 1:52:09) Discussion (Ramblings of a crazy person) I don't think I have any more creditability. Please, argue with me. I know I am wrong. (1:52:10 - 1:54:44) Closing I hope me crying my eyes out doesn't cause you to stop listening. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook


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