Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Episode 39.3 - Now With Less Sheep

Now that we had our fun, here is the actual episode without all that noise. Trust me it was more annoying to produce than it was to listen. For those just tuning in, welcome to an episode we put off from releasing due to how terrible it turned out, but after releasing the Full Metal Panic! episode and realizing how much of a bad idea it was to release that, I thought we could only go up from there. Well, it was better than our One Piece episode. Anyway, this is our (mainly Foxy's) review of Hunter x Hunter.

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(0:00 - 2:40) Intro OK. I'm not going to cheat you of proper notes on this version. (2:41 - 7:13) Discussion (The x Synopsis) OK, maybe a little cheat. (7:14 - 11:30) Discussion (Quick x Yoshihiro x Togashi x Rant) Here is the link that Peterson provided on the list of all of his hiatuses. Hilarious how this news shows up as I am making the notes for this episode. (11:31 - 31:29) Discussion (More x Story) Damn it Peterson. Stop with the constant muting of the mic. That noise is hard to remove. (31:30 - 32:25) Earcatch The Unofficial One Piece Podcast You should consider recording on different day if no one is there on Thursdays. Animeshon I am about to force myself on your show so you can produce more. I liked the mech month intro by the way. (32:26 - 1:30:49) Discussion (Characters x Nen) I love how we said that we shouldn't go arc by arc and then we proceed to do just that. Well, we talk about the arc as a means to setup the discussion on the specific subjects. Seriously, Foxy loves to talk. Hope someone caught the magic word in this segment. It would have gotten the Horatio Caine treatment, but I thought we've had enough. For now... (1:30:49 - 1:53:42) Discussion (Moments x Questions) I don't know why I even bothered making sections for these notes. (1:53:42 - 1:55:55) Closing See, I live up to my promises. Chances are my solo review of Full Metal Panic! won't come out for a while. Didn't I also have a wall of text I was suppose to put up? Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook


iblade said...

Glad you did this cuz I was gonna demand you release a whole new episode after that sheep fiasco. I'm kidding, but if you really wanted it to be funny/annoy folks, you should have just had you and Peterson talk and put the sheep on when Foxy talked.

Doctor said...

...damn. Well, than the episode would have lasted 10 minutes if you count the music. hmmm

Ricey said...

i think i will do a longer comment later. For now I will just say that supposedly the manga is coming back in January.

Doctor said...

Yep. Actually, the news report was in the notes for this episode. We do news every once in a while...

Ricey said...

I had considered taking up HxH a few times, but whenever I saw a picture of Gon all I could see was the clich├ęd shonen protagonist riding some dumb frog, but hey look the new bleach just came out I think I’ll go read that instead (in hind sight not the best of moves). However after your discussion of HxH in one of your earlier shows, I thought “psycho killer clown who get epic crotch light over fighting young boys?! I have got to check this shit out”. In a weird twist I actually ended up reading the magna before I watched the show. Which brings me to the main point I wanted to post about, how HxH got butchered in the non OVA anime.

The first problem is with the high amount of filler they decided to put in the show. After a quick look of HxH on wiki I saw that about 11 out of the first 26 episodes were either full or partially filler. All that filler really dragged the hunter exams out and maybe could be the cause of why Foxy did not find it very important. The Full filler episodes by themselves are might not be so bad since they are easily skipped, but it’s when they work into the cannon that things go wrong. For example the whole girl wanting to get revenge on Killua did not actually happen, the chairman just wanted to see how strong the boys were and offered them hunter licences right then if they could get the ball away. Also the filler seemed to give you guys the impression that Killua was already beginning to change, but that is not really true because at one point after getting all excited Hisoka style, he kills 2 random contestants for no reason what so ever. On a final note the scene on the train that leads people to think that Kurapika is delicious flat chest, I’m pretty sure that it was also all filler.

The second problem is the changing the timing things for no/stupid reasons. For example in the last room of the tower of trickery the group either has to send 3 people down the 1 minute path or all 5 down the 1 hour path with less than one hour till the exam is over. The change is made just after they are about to fight to see who the 3 will be. In the magna the next scene has a dusty Gon, Killua and Kurapika enter the finishing area by themselves, when that happened my heart sank for Leorio as I wondered how he would ever become a hunter. But when you turn the page Bam there is Leorio and the other guy, your left wondering how they managed to pull it off. Finally they cut to Gon’s plan of taking the hour path but breaking the wall down to get to the minute path, your left thinking how brilliant the whole set up was. In the anime the just do the scene in chorological order which takes all the epic out of it.

Finally what might have pissed me off the most is that they didn’t show the whole fight between Hisoka and Kastro, which could be my favourite fight in the whole magna. I could go into details about it but let me just say I had epic crotch light once the fight was over and they had explain all the shit Hisoka pulled. But then the anime just goes and skips over most of it, almost made me stop watching.

Well I could give more example, but i feel this is getting way TLDR already

Doctor said...

This would be the part where you email us.

Ricey said...

Ah well if I had know how long it was gonna get when it started I probably would have.

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