Monday, April 13, 2009

Episode 20.5 - I Want to Go Back to 2003

Ok. This will be our attempt at predicting the future. This was recorded some time before our Gintama recording. I think you can date it by what ever we talked about. This is more of a preview of shows we already gave our first impressions on. Yeah, I know that sounds completely stupid, but I didn't want us recording something for nothing.

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(0:00-9:00) Introduction Yeah, I was liking the new Batman game and I left the audio of that. And since I don't want to feel like such a jerk here is where we were getting most our information. (9:01-1:05:36) Discussion(Spring 09 Anime...again...for the first time...) Ok, I know we missed some things. But trust me it would have been longer and no one wants to hear a bunch of people talk about nothing for two hours. So, you only get an hour and a half. So, be happy. I SAID BE HAPPY!!!!!!! (1:05:37-1:17:40) Discussion(Nostalgia sucks) Now I want to watch half of those shows again. By the way, we are going to have a review on one of the shows mentioned here soon. Care to take a guess? (1:17:41-1:19:22) Closing Here was that AMV Foxy mentioned. Ok I didn't think that would be the default shot on the video. Well, at least it will attract viewers. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


ShikonSoulreaper said...

very nice, I kinda liked the Batman add on in there.

And why the hate on Gonzo? As long as the Anime is good why does it matter who its by?

Doctor said...

My boy, you have to watch a lot more shows before you can say that. Here is how most of us look at it:

Anime X = Bad

Gonzo = Anime X

Gonzo = Bad

Now Gonzo has been sort of joke for us for a while. I will defend some of the shows they make. They are notorious for adapting shows and screwing them up. Most of their original works are good, not all. We will eventually shine the spotlight on different companies one day.

Peterson said...

Thank you S.S. That's what I always tell them. Every studio have their share of bad animes, but they don't harp on them so much as the do Gonzo.

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