Saturday, April 11, 2009

Episode 20 - Thirty

This is kind of long time coming. We took the time go through all of the resent shows and had to look up all the mistakes we have made an present to you how much we sucked in the last few episodes. We really did not expect to make so many mistakes in this one and we still ended up making more in the middle of it. So, instead of making it even more confusing for all one of you, I am going to be putting up the corrections for this episode as well. Along with that, we have some first impressions on the latest season of anime coming out. Kind of a more laid back episode for everyone, which means you can just skip this one.

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(0:00-15:00) Introduction If you have an terrible shounen fathers that you want to mention, please email or comment some of your picks. We might end up reading them on the next episode. (15:01-40:05) Corrections Here are the corrections for this part of the episode: -I had mentioned that I was a fan of wrestling before. -Peterson should have looked a little better for this one: -Yes, Peterson said "Dead Rights" instead of "Dead to Rights" -(We have to get our Power Rangers straight) Katherine from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a regular girl until Rita used her as an evil spy and gave her powers which included the ability to turn into a cat. Kat Manx from Power Rangers S.P.D. was a furry. You can thank the Mouse for that one. -Yeah I said 2.5 instead of 12.5. -There is no error on the Soul Eater comment...yeah... -Episode 15 was the Broward Anime Festival report and Mnemosyne episode. -The Dragonball movie came out on March 13th in Japan and other Asian countries. -Sengu of the Thousand Hands: When this card is summoned to the field (excluding Special Summon), you may move 1 Ritual Monster Card from your Deck to your hand. The Deck is then shuffled. -Three sided coins -Kyoko Sasagawa is the name of the girl Tsuna likes in Hitman Reborn. -During that Russian Roulette chapter she regretted being called Tsuna's girlfriend. (Poor kid) That's all. You can skip this part if you never heard the rest of our episodes. (40:06-1:09:25) Discussion(Spring 2009 Anime First Impressions) Here was that comparison chart that was mentioned about one of the shows that came out. Now corrections for this part of the show: -The mech show with the girl ghost is Asura Cryin not Tears to Tiara. -I said East of Eden, it is actually called Eden of the East. -Yeah, we talked about the show we weren't going to talk about. (1:09:26-1:13:06) Closing Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


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