Monday, March 16, 2009

Episode 17 - Live at El Fogon

Coming to you live from some undisclosed location in Florida on a beautiful Friday the Thirteenth. This is episode seventeen of a podcast that can never seem to keep a solid schedule, which makes sense since we are the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast. In this episode we cover a couple of mangas that accidentally fall into a theme. Well that was the plan anyway. People decided to be lame and we ended up recording outside a restaurant. Quite nice actually. If you in the area try it out. They have this really nice chicken, a little dry, but not bad. There’s actually this real nice place in Miami that has the best chicken. Has this real good hot sause. Yeah, I don’t know why I wrote that. I just need to get that out of my chest. So, yeah Pollo Inca. If you can find it, go there and on the drive over there you can listen to us talk about blood, murder and zombies. See, I managed to tie it together somehow.

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(0:00-5:50) Introduction I still don’t know who Johnny Quest is and no Meg Ryan is not in Saving Private Ryan. (5:51-27:54) Review (Deadman Wonderland) I still want my three-sided coin and cake. (27:55-29:03) Intermission (Purely out of rage I assure you) I still should have gone out of my way to splice in a different review for this one, but I was too tired. (29:04-58:00) Review (Future Diary) I still think this guy is hiding Pikachu somewhere. (58:01-1:16:13) Review (High School of the Dead) I still don’t remember any of these chicks’ names. (1:16:14-1:48:37) Discussion (Wrap-up, Yakuza Girl, and The Flash…I don’t know) I still have a chance to cut this segment out, but I think it’s good enough to stay. (1:48:38-1:49:44) Closing I still need a job…yeah, I ran out of things to say. One last thing: POWER RANGERS ARE CATTLE PRODDED. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


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