Saturday, March 21, 2009

Episode 18 - Can You Round It Around?

We are now legal. This is going to be kind of a short show. I would like to say that we do not condone the art of piracy. So, for those who are wondering how this movie is, you can listen to us. Dragonball Evolution is the movie we are going to be taking about and we are the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast.

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(0:00-5:15) Introduction I want to apologize to anyone we offended in the first five minutes of the show. I would like to thank Foxy for taking her time out of her sleep time to join us. (5:16-49:22) Review (Dragonball Colon Evolution) Look, after the Chun-Li movie, I did not want to take any more chances when I spend my money. I know I made this comment, but seriously I like Ben Afflick. Sure, some of his movies suck, but he is cool guy. Yeah, this is not going anywhere pleasant. Feel free by the way to try out the drinking games we suggest during the show, if you hate your liver. Look if you still want to watch the movie and don’t want to hear us, you can check a second opinion about it. This movie needed more Nimbus. We may have to do an all video game episode one day. (49:23-50:58) Closing We are actually preparing for some episodes. Weird huh? Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


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