Thursday, March 5, 2009

Episode 16 - Blue Steel

This is the sixteenth episode of the SSAA Podcast. This is going to be a small stretch for having this discussion in this episode. Since the source material had an anime adaptation it will be safe to talk about the Chun-Li movie. We got that and a review on Gantz.

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(0:00-4:39) Introduction Not really enough was said about Megacon so there was no reason for me to put it in its own segment. Some of it spilled in the other section though. If you were wondering what I was referencing in the beginning. (4:40-44:50) Discussion (Mortal Kombat 3: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) I don’t want to talk about this movie anymore. It was real sad that a good amount of the audio from the drive to Megacon was not that good. Some of it can be salvaged though, so if anyone wants to hear it I’ll consider putting it up. There was some Naruto talk in there which was pointless without any visual aid, so deal with it. Caution: There is a decent amount of Rape Face in this video. The video G4 had about the movie. The True Johnny Cage. (44:01-46:50) Intermission (Power Rangers again?) (46:51-1:24:59) Review (Gantz) I was looking for a few scans that are safe for work. Yeah, that’s not happening. Your heros......for now (Left=Kato, Right=Kurono). The X-gun The X-rifle Y-gun (1:25:00-1:27:06) Closing Don’t watch this unless you have a strong tolerance against filth. Watch if you’ve seen Full House though. By the way, Hinata is still alive…Seriously, I love happy endings. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


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