Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Episode 15 - Third Time's a Charm

I am starting to think that if we record about conventions again, something is going to explode. Either something happens with the audio that makes it unlistenable or I screw up and destroy the only audio file. Regardless, this is episode 15 of the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast. I this one me and Peterson are the only ones here since everyone else sucks. We talk about a con we went to and end up talking about some stuff we've seen and it leads to our review of Mnemosyne.

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(0:00-2:00) Introduction I was laughing out of sheer rage. (2:01-26:00) Con Review (Broward Anime Festival) Look, I was very upset no one showed up to do this and after failing twice I stopped caring. Anyway, here is a fun game: Take a shot every time we name drop Billy West. Check out the con site by the way. If you look at the main page, you might see a Mexican in a chicken suit. Here is the trailer for movie we forgot: SARS Wars. (I'm not kidding) (26:01-31:53) News (More Funimation and Dragon Ball) Yeah, Michael Bay was involved in the production of the Friday the 13th remake. INTERMISSION (31:54-47:35) Discussion (Best of 2008 preliminaries) We may talk more about this later. Until then, we give you a small teaser. By the way, they list of shows I said you should have watched, I really mean it watch them. Daughter of Twenty Faces Ryoko's Case Files Kurenai Kaiba World Destruction (47:36-57:57) Review (Mnemosyne) (57:58-1:01:26) Closing I got to make sure I keep my hardrive handy next time. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


Anonymous said...

I don't suck, you suck.

Doctor said...

Well yeah the show sucks, but who are you?

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