Sunday, November 23, 2008

Episode 09 - You Got Fooled Into Listening Again

This is episode 9 of a podcast that is Pedobear approved. We brought back the echo and lost the women for this episode. We kept the suck though. This episode of the A** Backwards Anime Podcast talks about visual novels and eroges, or H-games, and some of things that are involved with that. What? [Warning] We talk about things that are not meant for the young or the close minded. If you feel that you are offended by the subjects discussed in the episode, then just turn off the recording. Or if we suck. That's a good reason too.

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(0:00-2:07) Intro This is when we decide to not have a conversation before hand and just start off on the topic. It's a new thing for us. I was also very tired during the recording, so if I sound low sorry. (2:08-6:00) Discussion (Story? In my porn? It's more likely then you think.) I was not responsible for what was said in this part of the episode. I was just as surprised as you. (6:01-9:24) Discussion (A? In my B? It's more likely then you think.) We talk about visual novels and eroges a bit. (9:25-46:55) Discussion (Anime? In my H-game episode? It's more likely then you think.) Why try not to go in depth, but we go through some of the shows that have been adapted. Kite (This was not really a h-game before, but we talk about it anyway) Type Moon Shows: Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night Key Shows: Air, Kanon School Days Shuffle Kimi Ga Nozomu Ein ef I know we are missing one we mentioned. As side note, I was wearing sunglasses at certain parts of the episode. (46:56-50:59) Discussion (Flesh thingy? In my manga? It's more likely then you think.) Oh! Great Hiroyo Oku Kouta Hirano (51:00-1:05:16) Discussion (Overused joke? In my notes? It's more likely then you think.) This part doesn't not really involve h-games, but we cover a variety of things related to it. Things like fanservice, ecchi vs hentai, and lolies. I actually make an argument about about some of these things. (1:05:17-1:06:39) Closing I got nothing to add for this episode. If we sounded like robots at times sorry. I am working on it. As for next week, there is something that is going to be discussed that will clear the air for people who have commented on what we have said. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at:


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