Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Episode 08 - Gigantic Beam Coke Block

This is episode 8 of a show we should have planned better for, also know as, the SSAA podcast. We lied about doing an episode on H-games and ended up doing an episode on Gundam mecha shows. Trust me it shows how last minute this was. The quality is not as good as I hoped either. That was the main reason for this show being more late then usual. It's not like you care. I'm sure all one of you who is listening doesn't care. Hell, you may be someone we know how told you listen to this podcast because we were desperate. I'm just saying.

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(0:00-1:55)Intro I start off by saying that I had to hack this episode to pieces. (1:56- 27:05) Discussion (Initial D Gundam Endless Waltz 8th Team Destiny vs. Top Gun Gundam) We more or less try to go rapid fire through most of the shows. I am sure we should have not done an episode on Gundam mech shows while there are podcast like Gundamn! @ MAHQ out there, but whatever if they don't like it they can email us about it. By the way, I am not trying to be sarcastic because I really like that show. (27:06-31:35) Discussion (How did Zoids get mentioned in the Gundam mech episode) Next time I arrange this that way we don't jump around. (32:35-51:40) Discussion (Hopefully that won't happen again) More Gundam talk and Peterson tries his best to talk so we can hear him. We also show how much we are fanboys for G Gundam. (51:41-1:04:41) Discussion (What we would like to see in the new Gundam show) I don't know why The Returner is mentioned, but it looks interesting.
Newcomer Mexican
I hope Sunrise is listening (which they aren't), because we had some good ideas. (1:04:42-1:19:19) Discussion (Non-Gundam Material Here) I'm starting to think that we hate on Gonzo a bit too much. We talk about: Jinki Extend Code Geass Not Evangelion Tomokazu Seki is everywhere. Honestly, he was almost everything we mentioned. (Correction) I don't know why, but I confused Tomokazu Seki with Kappei Yamaguchi when I metioned him being in La Blue Girl and Death Note. Sorry about that. I will go through some of the other mistakes another time. Either way, it's more creepy to think of Ussop's VA being in a porno. (1:19:20-1:) Discussion (More Gundam Material Here) X, Victory, Turn A (1:19:20-1:42:00) Discussion (More Non-Gundam Material Here) Sorry Peterson, we can talk about Megas XLR another time. We talk about: Godannar Gravion Vandread Brain Powered Silent Mobius Zambot 3 Dancougar GaoGaiGar Not Evangelion Imagine Alucard's voice coming out of this body. Here is the original Gundam opening Now the Jinki:EXTEND opening. Do you see! Now together. DO YOU SEE! (1:42:01-1:46:43)Wrap-up We actually have a plan for week I swear. Click here for whatever Bond Girl was talking about in the end. (1:46:44-1:39:18)Closing and stinger Sorry for what we said Foxy. You know we love you. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Email if you're actually listening to this show. A simple hey is enough. ... We are sounding desperate now, huh.


wiikendwarrior84 said...

I really enjoy the show, when I can hear and/or understand it. The newest episodes I can barely hear anyone but Mike. Everyone else needs to learn to SPEAK INTO THE MIC! Does anyone even listen to this during/while editing? Is it even edited? Take some pride in your work guys, it's really good if you just improve the the sound quality and actually speak into a microphone guys.

Doctor said...

Yeah, I'll be honest this was our worst episode so far. Thanks for the advice though. I'll make sure the others stop being stupid.

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