Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Episode 10 - I'm Just Sayin'

Would you believe me if I said that this is episode ten of the A*s Backwards Anime Podcast? This episode has to do with us telling you how much we have been sucking. We have a list of corrections and we will tell you our month's recommendations.

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(0:00-3:35)Introduction Yeah. There are things happening here. Technology is a wonderful thing. (3:36-46:26)Discussion (Corrections & Retractions) If you want to continue to laugh at us as we make even more mistakes, you can listen to this part. Otherwise, you can skip to the suggestions. Oh yeah, here is the Hyori we were talking about. Nice. (46:27-1:18:20)Discussion (Suggestions) I did not expect for one of the reviews to run long, so I had to not make it suck as much. Kidding. Peterson thought we would make him skip over the American comic. Listen to him dig his own grave. I can't find that link for that free copy of volume 1 of Umbrella Academy, so you're screwed. Battle Angel Umbrella Academy B-Shock Nerima Daikon Brothers We Got Married (1:18:21-1:24:18)Closing I don't think we have anything planned for the next episode again. Crap..... LA LA LA LA LA Here is the Nerima Daikon Brothers opening with the Japanese VAs of the characters. He is so gay for that panda. And as a farewell, a small message from the American VAs. In case you don’t get it. Look to your right and buy the shows people. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: SSAApodcast@gmail.com I'm just sayin'.


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