Monday, November 10, 2008

Episode 07 - Shinsen-Subs: If You Hate Them, You Are Un-American

This is episode 7 of the SSAA, or the A** Backwards Anime Podcast. The show is a momentous occasion as we temporarily say goodbye to one of the hosts of the podcast. As usual, the planning for this episode was not done was well as I hoped, but we actually sounded very credible. There are no real notes for this episode since most of what we talked about did center upon a certain show. However there are some links to some site we mentioned during the show. So I guess you can consider those show notes then.

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I decided to put some time stamps. That way you can just skip to parts of the show that are relevant to today’s youth. (0:00-17:30)Intro This part of the episode was powered by chili. We ended up having a discussion about socks for some reason. I ended up record this conversation without letting everyone else know about it. We have a quick discussion about Shinsen-Subs then Edward K. By the way, sorry yaoi fangirls, we say mean things. We also talked about how you can save money when eating fast food. All of this, while having sound of crumbling paper in the background. Rain’s magic stick is also mentioned. (Magic stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick) (17:30- 35:00) Discussion (Fan ignorance and nostalgia, plus Batman) We hold a mirror to ourselves to see what we have become. I want to state this right now. We are not historians of anime. Though people may have said that I am expert on anime, I do not consider myself that. I can say the same for the other hosts. I could point you to other people that consider themselves experts, but I think that we have honest opinions and we are at least slightly informative. Questions were asked. We go on a Smallville tangent for some reason. Then, we go back on topic. How is Batman relevant to this? Find out when you listen. Honestly, it makes sense when you hear it. (35:01-1:02:00) Discussion (Elitism, actually more about dubs and the industry) We ended up talking about some dubs and how people how should not hate on it. Yamapi broke one of hosts. Find out whom. There is some confusion between one actress in Rurouni Kenshin and another actress in Evangelion. OMG TEH REI!! Here is a link to the Funimation dub for the episode to Keroro Gunsou. By the way, I am really sorry what was said AP Forums. I didn’t mean most of it. You guys are cool. (1:02:01-1:16:05) Discussion (The American Anime Industry, I hope) Long story short, support the industry and buy the DVDs. We have that little scrolling thing on the side of the blog for a reason. If you like a show, prove it with your wallet. We all love anime. That is why you are here. Or you might have been force to click on a link and forced to listen to this terrible podcast. Either way, we do not want to see any more companies collapsing due to poor sales. Except for Bandai Visual, $20 for one episode? F! (1:16:06-1:32:15) Discussion (Fansubs, mainly oversubbing then some other problems) Ok, I don’t know what to put here that will not get me flamed. I am going to go with: Fansubbers can you not do a show that all ready have three groups doing them? I know you really like the show, but I think you should take that time and energy and spend it on flaming people like me and say that the work someone has done is terrible. Hell, read a book. Now, for the people that are being flamed on by the previous people: Can you not be complete children and not release the show due to people hating on you? That is just silly. Now the people how are not fansubbers and are still complaining: SHUT UP! They are doing this for free. They are spending their time, energy, and brain power to allow you to understand a show that you are watching on YouTube, because you cannot afford an external hard drive. (1:32:16-1:35:34) Wrap-up It looks like I lied about there not being notes. Next week we will talk about H-games and things related to it. It’s not what you think. (1:35:35-1:39:18)Closing and stinger Here is a small compare and contrast of the infamous over 9000 scene. The classic version
Funimation version
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