Saturday, February 13, 2021

Episode 150 - Changing Jackets: Goemon's Blood Spray & Fujiko's Lie

We close the book (for now) on the Changing Jackets series on this episode of the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast. We give a double review of the latest two entries of the Koike-verse of Goemon's Blood Spray and Fujiko's Lie.

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(0:00 - 20:39) Intro

Would you believe we recorded this in the first week of January?

(20:40 - 45:01) Review (Goemon's Blood Spray)

Pick up your copy when you can.

(45:02 - 1:51:10) Review (Fujiko's Lie)

Pick up your copy when you can.

(1:51:10 - 1:54:20) Closing

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