Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Episode 149 - Changing Jackets: Jigen's Gravestone

On this stacked episode of the podcast, we continue the Changing Jacket series as we go over the movie(?) Jigen's Gravestone as well as spoiler talk of A Woman Called Fujiko Mine. Plus, we go over some now dated news about some authors being allowed to have work after they did bad stuff. So, is it ever really dated?

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(0:00 - 8:59) Intro

Would you belive this was recorded in November?

(9:00 - 41:27) Discussion (The Shonen Jump Hiring Process)

A bit of a content warning: In this section we talk about the past actions Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro and Tatsuya Matsuki which include indecent behavior invoving minors. We talk about the results of those actions and some of the hypocracy of the manga industry.

(41:28 - 1:49:44) Discussion (Colton's thoughts on the end of A Woman Called Fujiko Mine)

So, we spend a long time talking about this show. A lot of the talk is about the end of the series so this is your warning.

(1:49:45 - 2:38:03) Review (Jigen's Gravestone)

Pick up your copy when you can.

(2:38:04 - 2:39:45) Closing

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