Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Episode 147 - Changing Jackets: Return of the Magician

In what has been few weeks, the show has returned to continue to provide a bit of entertainment. We continue our journey of all the movies and OVAs of Lupin III by going over The Return of the Magician. But before we do that, we have some things to say. We start by talking about Terrace House and Hana Kimura. After that we spend some time talking about some current events. Spoilers: Black Lives Matter.

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(0:00 - 5:42) Intro

For context, this episode was actually recorded in April so it somehow manages to still work.

(5:42 - 44:12) Discussion (Terrace House and Hana Kimura)

This is a lengthy discussion which involves talks of suicide, cyber-bullying, and just general racism. It's why the time codes are here.

(44:13 - 1:08:17) Discussion (#BlackLivesMatter and the Anime Avatars)

We as a podcast would strongly urge to use this link to look into more about what is going on in the Black Lives Matter movement. This site will provide plenty of links for you to learn more as well as ways you can help financially contribute to the cause. Get smart. Stay safe. And stay some level of angry.

(1:08:42 - 2:14:40) Review (Return of the Magician)

This OVA has not been licenced and we are not sure if you should rush out to find this one.

(2:14:41 - 2:15:49) Closing

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