Monday, May 11, 2020

Episode 146 - Changing Jackets: Dead or Alive

Hope everyone is doing well because the main show has returned to a very different world. With this new world, we have a new entry in the Changing Jackets series. We check out the Monkey Punch directed feature film, Dead or Alive.

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(0:00 - 3:45) Intro

For context, this episode was actually recorded in April so it somehow manages to still work.

(3:46 - 13:30) Discussion (My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Mini-Review)

You can skip this section if you don't want to hear any spoilers about this movie.

(13:31- 27:22) Discussion (Some Podcast Updates)

We just give our updates with what we are doing which you can all find on the Network. Go check out Too Grown Up: A Rugrats Retrospective. And make sure to check out the Manga Mavericks Patreon for the Saint Seiya Book Club episodes.

(27:23 - 1:17:51) Review (Dead or Alive)

Yeah this is another movie that is out of print. If you can find it, you don't have to pick it up.

(1:17:52 - 1:19:07) Closing

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