Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Episode 122 - Mimi Meme MIMI

A new episode is out. Kind of a change of pace for this one. Josh Dunham stops by to the show and we talk about virtually nothing for the first couple of minutes. Then we actually start going over the why it matters to look closer at the things you enjoy. The discussion really goes in multiple directions but the theme stays the same throughout it.

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(0:00 - 6:37) Intro

The majority of the being of this episode is about how I don't sleep well. Sorry for that. We kind of start talking about anime after this.

(6:38 - 1:18:27) Discussion (Being Critical)

If you are wondering, this was recorded several weeks ago around the start of this season of anime. As far as the discussion we had about the current are going to have to wait for that.

(1:18:28 - 1:59:13) Closing

Find your way of enjoying things and let others enjoy things their way.

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