Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Episode 120 - The Last Time

The podcast returned only to not do anything for several months. Of course that happens. Well now we have a new episode out with a new voice on the show. We are joined by Natalie, part time violinist, to talk about several shows that we have watched including: The Lost Village, Wakakozake, and Your Lie In April.

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(0:00 - 19:20) Intro

We include some talk about season three of Sailor Moon Crystal.

(19:21 - 41:54) Review (The Lost Village)

I don't know if you actually need to watch this but here you go.

(41:55 - 1:00:22) Review (Wakakozake)

You can check out the anime or the drama but we much prefer to check out the drama.

(1:00:23 - 1:01:53) Earcatch

The AniManga Podcast I know I am suppose to cover this show on your podcast but whatever.

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast I'm actually caught up with the manga so....

(1:01:54 - 2:11:11) Review (Your Lie In April)

Major major spoilers will happen in this review. Hope you at least have see the first four episodes.

(2:11:11 - 2:13:14) Closing

Natalie forgot to give me her art twitter.

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Unknown said...

Hey guys, was listening to the latest episode and couldn't help but notice that Natalie's introduction sound alot like the opening to the Wild Thornberrys.

Hi, this is ASS Backwards. A normal anime podcast. We have a Doc, a Pete, and a Foxy
Well there is Natalie, I found her! And Darwin, he found us.

But anyway, welcome Natalie.

You guys have a good one.


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