Thursday, February 4, 2016

Episode 119 - Remember The Time

We already missed January. We got to make this year work a lot better than the last. We finally bring you our first episode of 2016 with us talking about how we didn't watch any anime in 2015. Then, we go over how we are going to make 2016 better by actually watching something. Suggestions and segments we are only going to use once. The Ass Backwards Anime Podcast returns.

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(0:00 - 15:46) Intro

The band is back together.

(15:47 - 20:54) Discussion (The Series That Shall Not Be Named)

Peterson takes a stand.

(20:55 - 1:36:14) Discussion (Anime Resolutions)

You will hear a common theme with a majority of your resolutions. At a certain point we get sidetracked by looking at pictures of Adam Wylie. That and figuring out what show had Samuel L. Jackson and a dog in it.

Peterson also suggested a bunch of stuff from 2015 that people should check out if they haven't, including some manga. Here is one and two of the images from the manga Darwin's Game that was mentioned in the episode.

(1:36:15 - 2:49:52) Discussion (Anime First Impressions Score Card)

(2:49:53 - 2:53:20) Closing

We always seem to miss January.

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