Thursday, April 2, 2015

Episode 113 - Only Time Will Tell

You cannot get anymore anime than this episode of the podcast. We are talking about Anime the Anime, also known as, Shirobako. Though this was technically recorded as an episode of the AniManga Podcast, I decided this show was worth sharing on our feed as well. Sadly, Jammer already released his version of the episode so I thought I would do him better by talking about the last episode since we recorded before it actually aired. Mind you, I wasn't the one who set it up.

Click here to download episode (Right-click and Save As)

(0:00 - 4:44) Intro

I don't always record someone else's podcast but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.

(4:45 - 49:06) Discussion (Jammer's Opening Bit)

Mountains. Mountains. Mountains.

(49:07 - 2:56:10) Review (Shirobako)

Yes, we go through the entire show (except the last episode) on this recording. I managed to cut out a lot of issues that happened during the recording. Hopefully, you don't notice and, more importantly, it sounds better than Jammer's version. Yes, I'm an asshole like that. Oh and go buy Jammer's book. He didn't ask me to promote his book by the way. I'm sure this is how he would have preferred it:

(2:56:11 - 3:19:08) Discussion (Final Episode Thoughts)

If you may have checked out either Jammer's episode or even listen to Wakashi's final thoughts on the show, you can just skip to here.

(3:19:09 - 3:23:08) Closing

OK. So here is the part where I actually say something of actual importance. If you haven't heard yet, we will be a part of an upcoming convention, Florida Anime Experience. We will be hosting a couple panels as well as be part of a Podcast Summit with a bunch of other Florida-based anime podcasts that are clearly way better than us. We will keep you updated when our panels will be at before the con arrives. If you are in the Orlando area during April 24-26, you can come by and say hi.

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