Thursday, June 27, 2013

Episode 99 - Don't Sleep

Oh wow. Took us long enough but we finally got episode 99 of the podcast out. On this episode of the podcast, we go over what really pisses us off about the anime fandom. A nice little general discussion episode for a change. We got Jammer back from a mountain and Seraph from The Broken Infinite to help us vent a bit.

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(0:00 - 15:14) Intro

Somewhere in the middle of our discussion, Jammer was constantly dropping from the call. If you are wondering why you don't really hear him for most of the episode, that is why.

(15:15 - 1:04:06) Discussion(What is an anime fan?)

I asked a simple question. The rest I improvised.

(1:04:07 - 1:06:03) Earcatch

The AniManga Podcast They should be putting up an episode with Foxy and I talking about Kaiji soonish.

The Ikaricast I ended up messing around with their promo. Sorry?

(1:06:04 - 2:28:39) Discussion(How do we kill Superman?)

We get back to talking about anime fans, I swear.

(2:28:40 - 2:30:15) Earcatch

Shady Sheriff So...any updates?

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast I show up on there and we somehow end up talking about wrestling.

(2:30:16 - 2:57:51) Discussion(Do you need a hug?)

Say "Hi" first.

(2:57:52 - 3:07:29) Discussion(What are we doing for 100?)

OK. This is the part where I would be telling you to listen to the episode as to what we are planning to do for episode 100. We are going to prove why we are the best kept secret on the Internet.

(3:07:30 - 3:10:36) Closing

Yeah, let's see if this will work. See you at 100.

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Archaznable said...

podcast are looking good can you please submit them here on Podcast Directorythanks

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