Sunday, May 20, 2012

Episode 89 - SSAG 9 - Wrex

The SSAG returns. This time, we finish the fight by talking about Mass Effect 3. Along with your usual hosts, our good friend, Richie McBeefy, returns as well as some of the members of Konoha Corner, Gothic Garaa and Yondy. We laughed. We cried. We made half-Quarian babies.

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(0:00 - 12:25) Intro

We start off swimmingly. I think we need to make it a requirement for new people to tell a long joke as they introduce themselves.

(12:26 - 54:00) Discussion (Games besides Mass Effect)

You can blame Diablo 3 for the lateness of this episode. Just be thankful that this was recorded before that game came out. Everything that I mentioned on here as been put aside because of that game.

By the way, haven't been playing Street Fighter x Tekken for a different reason. Here is why.

Kind of hard to describe Mighty Switch Force so here is the trailer.

(54:01 - 1:11:50) Discussion (News?)

Hell, I tried. This will end up leading to more discussion in the future. Man, this industry is fun.

(1:11:51 - 2:44:59) Discussion (Fully effect)

All the Mass Effect is here. Obviously, we will be covering spoilers for the whole game. What is nice about us is that we are never timely. You probably already finished the game and are just waiting impatiently for the "ending".

(2:45:00 - 2:47:11) Closing

We finish the fight only to start a new one. Stay tuned for the upcoming DLC of this episode.

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trickthetm said...

So did you leave off the end of the episode so you could charge for it down the road?

Anonymous said...

Stop reviewing games because you have no clue about it. Especially this retard Richie McBeefy who is just a big piss-hole.

Anonymous said...

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