Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Episode 88 - Kyubey

Back to talking about anime. In case you are confused within the first ten minutes of this episode, go listen to the last episode I was on the AniManga Podcast. I thought it would be fun to do a simultaneous recording of our show and their show. They edit their recording their own way and I edit my recording my way. It managed to work out in a cohesive enough way. Luckily, they never got a chance to do an episode on Puella Magi Madoka Magica so it was pretty easy to decide on what show we can talk about.

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(0:00 - 3:52) Intro

I recently bought a fight stick for my PS3. So between that and watching fighting game streams online, I don't know how I was able to rewatch this show. I wonder if any of their fans decided to check out this version of the episode. Leave a comment on here and say which one is better but don't tell Jammer.

(3:53 - 19:25) Discussion (Avengers)

My knowledge of these comics are very limited. I do plan to go back to watch it within this month. Hopefully it is less packed.

(19:25 - 30:00) Discussion (News)

Wait, what? I guess this is the part where I put links to what we were talking about.

File your taxes, people.

Bakuman jacket goes on sale.

Kenichi Suzumura forms his own agency.

If Joss Wheden made Batman.

Mizu mean water.

Japan turns off nuclear power.

(30:01 - 45:40) Discussion (Break?)

I feel like Jammer was close to singing a MacGruber song. Still considering AX. But, money.

(45:41 - 46:59) Earcatch

OSMcast! I was not aware they posted our site on theirs.

Fightbait anime podcast There is so much on there.

(47:00 - 2:02:29) Discussion (Mah Gee Ka)

Legitimately, one of the better new shows to have come out this decade. I am actually pretty proud that I never brought up Evangelion during the discussion since it seems to be the go-to comparison whenever Madoka is brought up online. I don’t think it would have gone over that well since I know Jammer never saw Evangelion. You can go blast him on his site, don’t do it here. Really, it is quite fair to make the comparison. I am not really saying one is better than the other, that’s never been my style. These shows really got a strong reaction from the fans. I think it’s probably because it got people to think for a minute about what is actually happening on screen. Obviously, all the focus is on Madoka and how this witch is going to destroy the world and there is nothing that can be done to prevent this. Well, besides messing around with time but things are never that easy.

I feel like this is a bigger discussion waiting to happen. We may have to wait for the movies to come out before we delve deeper into this series. I’m sure there are people more dedicated than us that may have already done so. Go look for them and if they are looking for an idiot to talk about this series, I’m your guy.

(2:02:29 - 2:04:27) Earcatch

The Dennis Daniel Show A fellow brony.

The AniManga Podcast I could have been an asshole and not put in your promo.

(2:04:28 - 2:13:39) Discussion (Not The Closing)

I’ve never met Victor before but I can only assume he has a sexy butt. I will be sure to leave a link to the AniManga Podcast version of this episode once they have it up.

(2:13:40 - 2:16:04) Closing

One more stop before 90.

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