Friday, November 12, 2010

Episode 68 - We Decided To Be Professional For Once...Twice Actually

On this episode of the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast, we take the high road and bring to you the most professional podcast we can deliver. Foxy, Peterson, Casper and I have 5 titles that we recommend you, the listener, to read or watch the next chance you get.

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(0:00 - 39:10) Intro We begin, of course, with introductions followed by some current events. (39:11 - 1:15:15) Review (Genshiken) The show in a nutshell. Here is the Kujibiki Unbalance opening from the first series. I don’t think you need any more proof of the connection between Kujibiki and Genshiken. This is the remade series of Kujibiki with the Genshiken OVA that came with said series. (1:15:16 - 1:31:13) Review (Moyashimon) This is actually the opening to the anime that came before the drama. I guess it was a sign of things to come. Here is the Giant Bomb video that Foxy was referring to during her review. (1:31:14 - 1:46:12) Review (Buso Renkin) Papillion, I... (1:46:13 - 1:55:52) Review (Vinland Saga) Mother of God... Here is that horse picture Peterson mentioned. (1:55:53 - 1:57:41) Earcatch Jammer’s AniMovie Podcast Almost done. The Unofficial One Piece Podcast Almost done. (1:57:42 - 2:15:42) Review (Wolf Guy) Due to obvious reasons, we cannot show you any images of this manga. (2:15:43 - 2:17:30) Closing Next episode will be nothing but class. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam.


Anonymous said...

woah Vinland Saga and Wolf guy review ?
downloading the episode now =)

Ricey said...

Hmmm vinland saga that was a good read, tanks for the recommendation. But dam because of Peterson now I am following way to many manga that only update once a month.

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