Thursday, September 30, 2010

Episode 65 - SSAG 5 - I Fell On The Spikes...Twice Actually

The SSAG is back. Now with more dogs. I thought I would commemorate the occasion with another broad topic that I am sure we could have separated into individual episodes, but this was suppose to be a sort of monthly magazine for you guys so we had to jam everything we could into this episode so we can prepare our SSAG coverage of specific games for another time. If you guys want a topic for next month’s edition, write in and suggest some topics. So, on this episode we talk about all the major Capcom franchises we can think of. We made sure to keep a tight ship for this one. Richy McBeefy from the NPC Podcast makes his triumphant return to the show and Soul Bro Ryu of Gundamn @ MAHQ fame also stops by to chat with us about all things Capcom. You think he was a fan or something.

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(0:00 - 4:30) Intro Casper had some more important matters to attend to. (4:31 - 22:50) Discussion (Mega Man) To be honest, this was originally intended to be an all Mega Man discussion, but since SSAG was originally intended to be a sort of monthly magazine, I thought it would be best to group topics together before we start breaking them off into individual episodes. If you guys want to hear more about a specific subject or just any other video game related topic, write to us or leave a voice mail. Even though Old Man Soul Bro ribbed on us how hard games were back in the day, he has a point. Mega Man is actually not a hard series. What it does is that it forces you to think and not make the same stupid mistakes. I remember as a kid renting Mega Man 2 and having the hardest time to try to complete that game. Dr. Wily was not even on my radar. To me, the final boss was Quick Man or at least his stage was. After a few days, I would have to march to that accursed Blockbuster to return that game. I would then hand it to clerk, defeated. Also, some money for late fees since I ended up playing it longer to try to finish it. I would not have my revenge until later on in life. As a kid, Blockbuster actually was the source for all of my game especially for the first three X series. This was during the time where I had no access to the Internet and any news about new games came to me through television commercials. The most that I remembered was that there were games related to a fire hydrant yelling the word “SEGA!” I would later end up going to my local Blockbuster to try to this game but I ended up discovering Mega Man X. I was hooked. I ran to my parents and said, “We are keeping this.” I still have my copy to this day. I actually owed X2 but after moving seven times, I ended up losing my copy. Oh the depression that followed. X3 was the secret rare of the series. I only saw it on the store shelf once. Once. Played it, returned it, and never saw it again. Then, I discovered the Internet. You can guess the rest. I was being dead serious about Mega Man 5 for the Game Boy. I still have the passwords to this and every Mega Man game I ever played on several sheets of construction paper. That was the first Mega Man game I ever completed. It still holds a special place in my heart. By the way, that cat was completely useless. All it did was spin around like a drunken Sonic. That is enough of that. Here is Keiji Inafune drawing Mega Man on an Ipad and the video for the song I used. (22:51 - 27:06) Discussion (Ghouls ‘n Ghost ‘n Goblins ‘n Death) My first experience with this franchise was Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. I never made it past the first stage. Gargoyle’s Quest (27:07 - 40:59) Discussion (Resident Evil) The only reason that the PS2 version of Resident Evil 4 was better than the Gamecube version. “That's why they call me Chicago Wind...” Oven Man. He loves you. (41:00 - 56:57) Discussion (Dead Rising) This is the part of the notes where I get exhausted and don’t write as much. I get moved out of business class on a plane and now I have my dog barking in the middle of my podcast. My transformation into Kevin Smith is happening all too quickly. Here is the interview with Inafune that Soul Bro mentioned. Kami.... (56:57 - 1:33:38) Discussion (SSAG Episode 3 Part 2) Here is a link to Soul Bro’s coverage of EVO 2010. Obligatory. (1:33:39 - 1:45:53) Discussion (And The Rest...) His pimp hand is strong. (1:45:53 - 1:51:25) Closing Oh wait...they are making a Mega Man Legends 3... Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


Casper said...

Great episode guys, sorry I wasn't there I would added so much more and most likely added Monster Hunter into the mix. Hopefully one day that be possible.

Good One Guys!

iblade said...

Nice episode guys. Good work getting Soul Bro on this one. You mentioned a lot of great games, but God Hand and Tech Romancer stood out to me. I still own both of those games and now I feel like I should play them. I think maybe you should've given Tech Romancer some more love since its a fucking giant robot anime fighting game and this is mostly an anime podcast.

BOYWEC said...

Great show guys, you guys brought me back when yall started talking about Ghouls and Ghost. I had Super Ghouls and Ghost and I tell yah, the only easy thing on that game was the intro. I couldn't get passed the first level on that game. And another versus game I would like to see would be Capcom Vs. Killer Instinct. I would love to see Ryu vs. Jago, and Chun Li vs. Kim Wu.

Anonymous said...

Richie McBeefy .. where's your penis?

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