Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Episode 64 - I Guess We Forgot...Twice Actually

I paused from playing the new Deathspank to bring you a new episode of the podcast. I hope you enjoyed the little break we forced upon you. We are back to recording regularly and we shouldn’t be taking anymore extended breaks. In this episode, you will find new reasons to hate me along with a bunch of recommendations of several sports related titles. As usual, we hit a variety of mediums and I am sure your interests will be peaked regardless of your little knowledge of actual sports. Trust me, some of these go beyond the realm of reality.

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(0:00 - 19:21) Intro I will force this meme into the ground. (19:22 - 40:01) Discussion (Eyeshield 21) The first opening is by far my favorite of the anime. I guess since it had the right combination of music and visuals while still telling you the story of the show. Very few shows have that right amount without it turning into a One Piece opening. I’m sure I can go shot for shot about the meaning behind what is being shown and what is being said. I think it would be best for it to be a separate blog post that I can mess around with the meaning behind certain openings and endings of anime. I’m sure it will require a lot of links. (40:02 - 48:33) Discussion (Hajime no Ippo) When we did our report on Anime Festival Orlando, we mentioned going to an Ippo panel. If you didn’t listen to our rambling, we mentioned how well it was done and how they did a great job at showing clips of the anime, but still giving fair warning about how they are spoilers for the series. This is one of those occasions. The clip below is essentially the end of the first series of the anime and is a big part of what happens in the manga. However, it is said to be single greatest example of everything that makes Ippo one of the best series that you should read or watch. After watching this clip, I was convinced that I should at least start watching the anime. If you do not mind being spoiled, rev up the jet engine and start counting the hits. (48:34 - 1:12:44) Discussion (Ashita no Joe) I want to begin by warning everyone that the end of this series gets spoiled towards the end of this segment. You can just fast forward when I give the warning. Casper gets a gold star for his book report on Ashita no Joe. I hope everyone learned how much you should prepare next time you do your recommendation. You may take your seat now Casper. (1:12:45 - 1:13:54) Earcatch Jammer’s AniMovie Podcast Now with more anime. (1:13:55 - 1:26:55) Discussion (Rookies) D-Addicts. Rookies. The rest is up to you. Enjoy the related video. (1:26:56 - 1:48:19) Discussion (Inazuma Eleven) The term “hissatsu waza” has lost all meaning during the process of this show. (1:48:20 - 1:49:26) Earcatch Animeshon Study. (1:49:26 - 2:13:30) Mailbag Thanks to everyone that wrote in. I guess the voice mail thing is a bit scary for some people. It would be kinda cool if you guys tested it out. I wouldn’t mind playing them on the air. You just have to use your phone or any VOIP software that can allow you to call the number. I’m just saying. (2:13:31 - 2:16:53) Closing This podcast has gone two years longer than I expected. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


iblade said...

What is up podcast friends? Two years. Wow. Congrats on finding topics to keep a podcast running this long. I've enjoyed most of your episodes. Some sucked. No no I'm kidding, I've liked them all except the inception podcast. I had to stop listening so you wouldn't spoil it for me.

Ricey said...

Grats on 2 years.
Was surprised to hear that you have another lister who immigrated from Africa, although in my case I moved to Canada (which is real btw). Either you guys have more listeners then you are letting on or some how attract the African expat crowd.

ps. holding out for the cricket anime

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