Saturday, July 10, 2010

Episode 59 - The Yard House Episode Featuring Anime Expo 2010

We went a long way to bring you this episode. This is our con report on Anime Expo 2010. This was truly one of the best con experiences I have ever had. For those unlucky few that were following the Twitter, I am sure you got to read plenty of our experiences. Even though I, Doctor, mainly talk about the con itself, the other members of the podcast are going to share with you some of their misadventures. With 60 just around the corner, let’s see if our heroes can make it there in one piece.

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(0:00 - 2:50) Intro I need to start building that studio soon. (2:51 - 6:55) Discussion (Our New Sponsors) That is a complete lie. They did randomly mention us on Twitter though... (6:56 - 10:50) Discussion (Day 0) It is a nice hotel if you are planning for 3 people to be in the room. Otherwise, you are going to end up needing another room. (10:51 - 22:36) Discussion (Day 1) Here are some of the pictures of our room. (22:37 - 49:35) Discussion (Day 2) You can go to ANN for all the FUNimation acquisition news. I don’t think I need to mention everything they got. The one thing that I want to mention is the Moyashimon drama being licensed by them. This will prove to be interesting since the anime hasn’t even been licensed. This may show interest to other dramas and we may be able to get more of them over here. Since I failed to exploit my press badge, I might as well put up other live performances of May'n and Megumi Nakajima. Here is May’n performing Iteza☆Gogo Kuji Don't be late. One thing I forgot to mention about her performance at the con, she was doing a lot of high kicks. I am not sure why I wanted to mention that. Here is Megumi Nakajima performing Seikan Hikou, *Kira!* included. One of the best parts was Megumi asking everyone in English to say *Kira!* with her. Oh, and her singing Aimo with Yoko Kanno on piano. Chills. Luis Mutherfuckin Suarez Here are some highlights from the 2AM and Wonder Girls concert. Sunye - Paparazzi Yubin - Boom Boom Pow Sohee - Single Ladies 2AM More 2AM (49:36 - 1:34:25) Discussion (Day 3) I really wish I started recording when we got there. I apologize for the quality of the panel audio. Sadly, my portable mic was not working properly while I was recording. Here is the new remixed opening for the Black Lagoon OVA. (1:34:26 - 1:40:25) Discussion (Day 4) Sunday had some interesting panels. I was in a plane for most of them. (1:40:26 - 1:42:40) Closing Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


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