Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Episode 58 - The Manhwa Recommendation Episode Featuring Petering

Since I am going to be on a plane for a little while, I think this will be the best time to release this episode. If you are wondering why I am going to be on a plane, I am on my way to Anime Expo. If you are also planning to fly to LA, or just want something new to read, we recommend the titles we talk about in this episode. This time, however, we are going to be covering some of our favorite manhwa, or Korean manga. They might be read differently than most manga, but they are still worth your time. We also read off some of our recent feedback. Don't expect much note since my flight leaves in about 30 minutes.

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(0:00 - 12:36) Intro I am serious. All that audio we had was really hard to recover. For some reason, everything on this Earth was trying to make noise while we recorded. Either it's family visisting to watch soccer, motorcycles, serial killers next door using saws, or a fan blowing right into the mic which has to be on or else one of our host will die of heatstroke. I didn't care at this point, so I am going to release this with my dog and family still in the background. I am going to start investing for a studio. (12:37 - 18:57) Discussion (A Brief History Of Manhwa) Peterson said that this is the history and I believe him. (18:58 - 27:25) Discussion (Jack Frost) Hellsing + High school = Jack Frost (27:26 - 31:49) Discussion (Unbalance X Unbalance) Hot teacher + Guy who slaps bitches = Unbalance X Unbalance (31:50 - 39:45) Discussion (THE BREAKER) (History Strongest Disciple Kenichi / 6) + Oh! Great fan service = THE BREAKER (39:46 - 43:12) Discussion (Veritas) THE BREAKER > Veritas (43:13 - 45:31) Earcatch Anime 3000 Thanks for the promo plug. I honestly was not expecting to hear Josh when you gave me the promo. NPC Podcast Glad to know you are recording again. The Unofficial One Piece Podcast See you in LA. (45:32 - 1:15:23) Mailbag Thanks for everyone writing in to the show. We may have a new way for you guys to send us feedback. More on that later. (1:15:24 - 1:16:53) Closing I will comment on this episode if I survived the flight. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


BOYWEC said...

Great show guys, I plan on checking out the manhwa The Breaker. I just recently finished watching Kenichi, and since its kinda like that, it should be a good read. And thanks for reading my email, and sorry for the confusion but when I wrote that someone said that I was not a true fan. I didn't mean you guys, I meant someone from the online discussion I was mentioning. I just really need to work on my writing. I look forward to the next episode. Have a good one, ace.

smokes said...

great episode.

i started reading The Breaker :D
its interesting if its better than veritas..

lets see =)

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