Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Episode 57.4 - The Spring 2010 Anime First Impression Episode Featuring Funkatron

OK. Since the actual discussion in this episode is not that important, I am mainly using this as a medium to announce that we are officially going to Anime Expo. The fact that this is the worst kept secret is not really the point of me announcing it here. We recorded this some time ago and we really had no idea the cost of how we are going to get some of the cast over there to Los Angeles. Foxy is demanding that I ask the audience to donate what you can to cover her cost to get over there. It turns out that the giant turtle that she lives on is slowly sinking and we need the funds to develop a vehicle for her to use to travel around the oil spill and get to the con. I seem to pick the worst times to tell people not to donate to our podcast. Consider the donate button as a "Help Foxy Not Die" button. Anyway, we, or likely just me, are going to be attending as regular guests of the con. I checked the analytics and can tell that our one listener has been checking our site in a lot of cities in California. If you feel like meeting us (please say no), email us and we can do a meet-up of some sort. I am sure that the guys from the One Piece Podcast might be around too if that gives you an excuse to see us. Regardless, I am going to be taking my portable mic and I might ask random strangers questions that I may post on the podcast. For those that are wondering about information on the con itself, go to the Anime Expo site. Oh right. Funkatron from the Unofficial One Piece Podcast asked us to record our first impressions on the Spring '10 anime season. That is in here too.

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(0:00 - 14:11) Intro I told you I would beep it. I love how we are always timely about doing these kinds of episodes. We usually do this when a bunch of shows are about to end or new ones have already started. Be sure to expect our Summer Anime Preview in November. (14:12 - 39:10) Discussion (Our First Impressions Of This Season) Here is the list that we used. If you have been following the Twitter, you know that I have been watching more of these shows already. I don't think we are going to have our final say of this season. We may do a recommendation episode about an upcoming season of anime. That will give us a reason to stop doing these episodes for a while. (39:11 - 40:56) Eyecatch Orange Anime Podcast Glad to know you guys aren't dead. If you are wondering, we will be going to Florida Supercon too. Jammer's AniMovie Podcast I added you to the cast page. If you like the description, awesome. (40:57 - 1:35:06) Discussion (More Of Said Impressions) Sorry Funk, I didn't put the promo in there. (1:35:07 - 1:55:52) Closing That's twice now that I referenced Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: SSAApodcast@gmail.com Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


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