Monday, April 19, 2010

Episode 53.1 - The Marineford Report Card Episode Featuring No Homo

I love the fact that we did this episode when Zach was not around to make him tell us his two cents. Who am I kidding? He has his own show for that. Since the failure that was our One Piece episode has slowly been erased from the feed, we thought it would be best to fill that void and give you an unbiased opinion of the current happenings of the One Piece manga. Of course, if you have already downloaded this episode without reading the notes, you might have just screwed yourself. This is going to be a spoilerific journey through the current arc, where we will grade the individuals (that matter) and give our opinions of who really made the grade.

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(0:00 - 5:35) Intro I will eventually buy at least the first volume of the manga. Right now, I am not in the right position to be making such demanding purchases. Until then, I will be marathoning the Blu-ray versions of Claymore, Ouran, and Samurai Champloo on my newly constructed computer while I wear my replica WWE United States Title belt over my sholder and alphebitize my current collection of anime and manga. I am not rich. OK. Here is the explanation for the grades: First letter is for achievement. Middle number is for attendance. Second letter is for conduct/effort. (5:36 - 12:54) Discussion (The Arc In General) I don't know if there are words to properly explain why I am not as impressed with events with the arc. I am not saying that was a bad arc, it just seemed like there were some unnecessary parts. I am sure seeing this in action will make up for me being slightly disappointed. (12:55 - 34:34) Discussion (The Main Actors) In the previous recording, we actually gave Luffy a 'B' in this arc. Unfortunately, I happen to not be recording everyone else's audio. I am sure had that not happened, we might have been a little bit more nicer to certain characters, expect for Moria. He deserves what he got. I hope someone caught that Clue reference. Best movie adaption of a game ever made and possibly ever will be. The Grades Luffy: D1A- Whitebeard: A2A Ace: C1A (34:35 - 36:01) Earcatch Orange Anime Podcast So, are you guys dead or something? Animeshon Podcast Seems like you came back from the dead. Jammer's AniMovie Podcast You are too new to be dead. (36:02 - 59:42) Discussion (The Warlords) I really miss Rocko's Modern Life. I am usually reluctant to do my Moria impression. I guess since I am usually forced to do it while a chapter with him is being read. You kinda need me to let it come naturally. Otherwise, it sounds so forced and unfunny when you to cue up the role. The Grades Moria: F3D Don Flamingo: A1A Hawkeyes: B2B Boa: C1A Crocodile: B2C Jimbei: A1A Kuma: C3A Blackbeard: A3A KUNG-FU TREACHERY (59:43 - 1:17:37) Discussion (Various Pirates) This shows that we are not the blind fanboys that encompasses most forums. We love the One Piece and all, we just can't be bothered learning every single person's name. I know Oda is The Jesus and one is told not to fuck with said deity, but I'll worry about the characters if they show up again. When that time comes, you will hear me saying, "Oh, him." The Grades Marco: F3C Diamond Jaw: F3F Mr. 3: D3B Ivankov: B1B Cut Man: C3D White Bay Morgan: F3F Mr.1: B1B You can only do it once. (1:17:38 - 1:50:50) Discussion (The Marines) You have too much time on your hands to be able to remember every Marine's name. The Grades Various Vice Admirals: B2A Garp: EXEMPT Smoker: D3F Hina: D3D Coby: F3D Sentamaru: D3F Aokiji: C2B Kizaru: F1F Akainu: A1A Sengoku: F1F Goat: A3F (1:50:51 - 1:52:54) Closing We don't get a chance to talk about One Piece that often. I don't know if the demand is needed to talk about it right now, so we won't talk about it until we are provoked. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


iblade said...

I didn't ever leave you instructions with my 15 bucks did I? Well if you spent it on lunch, I hope you at least got 3 five dollar foot longs out of it. I would say get some anime or something, but that's not enough to buy a box set. Well I guess you could get Getter Robo with that or Area 88. Well I don't really care what you do with it as long as it's podcast related.

Bullet_beast said...

I enjoyed this arc tho I had considered impel down seperate from the war so I didn't think it was too long. Yea, I wanna know about the guy from shanks's crew who held kizaru at gun point. Cause, to make him surrender you gotta have some have some kinda hax power or hax haki.

Now for random thoughts:

Yay for black dynamite references.

As for shanks's power if he does turn into a jet it would have to be a huuuuuge jet cause he has that really fat crew member...

When I first saw whitebeard's ability I thought: "Oh god did he just break the sky????!!!!1!1??!?

FJ said...

Lol not really dead, been really busy. We had to plan a weekend full of content for anime express we had a panel room to run. I wasn't about to release 6.5 cause of that and megacon. We just recorded 7 so were not dead.. Just extremely busy. What cons are you planning on making this season?


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