Saturday, February 13, 2010

Episode 48 - PwnGoatJunkie Was Hiding In The Background

Hate to make an early combo breaker, but this episode should had been made a long time ago. Don't worry. There is still plenty of anime in store once I recover the hard drive with an episode I wanted to release. This will just prove that we can get away with anything on this show. It has been a while since my Kamen Rider Kabuto review a while back. I thought I should get back on that tokusatsu train and talk about GoGo Sentai Boukenger. Ready? ATTACK!

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(00:00 - 4:18) Intro Hey, here's something I don't do as often: write actual notes. Guess I have been slacking off a bit and just gave you a lot of video clips. This one was quite a while in the making. I originally planned to do this one closer to the Kamen Rider Kabuto episode. Seems that the Gods did not want it to happen. I will come back to this subject I promise you. Just hope you guys get to enjoy me screaming into my mic for a good hour and a half. I would like to apologize ahead of time. This is the way I was suppose to say Super Hero Time. (4:19 - 10:16) Discussion (Quick Sentai History) I hope you prefer this than a longer portion of the show being dedicated to subject. To be honest, I am not the expert on the subject. I just play one on this show. I don't want to say that Boukenger gave me as high standards for Super Sentai series as Kabuto did with the Rider series. I have been finding ways to see older Sentai series and have been pleasantly surprised. If you are going to complain about me not knowing everything, email me. Hell, if you can provide me a older toku show that I should talk about, I wouldn't mind doing an episode on it. (10:17 - 11:57) Earcatch Rangercast I wonder if I should email them and tell them that I am promoting them without them knowing... Animeshon You are producing something regularly, so I am putting this back on here. If you stop, I'll get rid of it. The Unofficial One Piece Podcast How was the con? Say hi to Vic for us. (11:58 - 22:22) Discussion (Synopsis and My First Impressions) I better not mess up as much as I have the potential to. I am sure I went too long in this section. I will say that I mean every bit of of what I said. Really, if you are just starting to get into Super Sentai, you might have gone through the same thing I did. (22:23 - 51:23) Discussion (Our Heroes) I think its best for them to introduce themselves. (51:24 - 57:17) Discussion (Toys) Collect them all. (57:18 - 1:09:55) Discussion (Our Villans) Enemies are a mixed bag for me. From design standpoint, I would give it to Yami no Yaiba and the Questers. Some of the other monsters were very good too. Just based on the color scheme, you can easily tell from which group the are. Though there was still one that was just too silly... (1:09:56 - 1:16:40) Discussion (Movies/Specials) This part was the hardest for me. To be honest, these are quite skippable. I go back and watch videos of previous team-ups and both versions of Boukenger sadly never got my attention. The one glaring issue I had with the Boukenger Vs. Super Sentai special was obviously AkaRed. I guess they spent all their money on getting Tohru Furuya. It kinda reflects upon the American side as well. Though they did manage to get Adam for those episodes, everything around it did not really help it. I will say this: they have better transformation sequences. It's really funny that they got hot chicks to play HurricanBlue and the Blue Wind Ranger for the Japanese and American verison respectively. I don't know if I can stress over how awesome the Forever Red team-up was. It was just sad there was never a moment like that again. Hell, the Japanese version of that team-up is even harder to live up to. (1:16:41 - 1:20:11) Discussion (Entry Drug?) The following videos are the reason why I wanted to check the series before Boukenger. I think the answer to this question is quite obvious. May I note that upon putting this episode up, I did not know the first video would have that still shot. (1:20:12 - 1:21:59) Earcatch NPC Podcast I appeared on a recent episode if you want to check it out. OA Podcast Hey guys. Wish I could do a monthly podcast. (1:21:59 - 1:54:25) Mailbag...with a Guest? I don't think the title was a dead giveaway. I want to thank PwnGoatJunkie for stopping by. The offer is out there people. If you run a podcast that you think can benefit from having me doing a guest spot, by all means, contact me. Once again, here is my anime list. Find a way to get in contact with me about this too. I have way too many shows that I haven't finished and you guys are not just helping me. You will get a chance to receive a prize if you do. (1:54:25 - 1:57:13) Closing One last thing: Look at Masumi's teeth. Now you can't unsee. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us via email at: Check us out on Facebook and on Steam


BOYWEC said...

Good show and Nice Clerks reference.

"We don't have to talk about the Matrix. We can just talk about... stuff. Your favorite bands, chicks who broken our hearts. Uhh... The Matrix."

Doctor said...

You made my day.

otakunick said...

okay now I need to start watching hare+guu agen

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